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    Pre-Season Basketball Practice 1

    You will go through a very unique defensive progression and the coach Smith will also demonstrate how he will teach you the closeouts as well as how he teaches the players to defend when it comes to the 5-on-5 half court. On the other hand, you will also see a 2-on-2 defensive drill and in this drill the off ball screen action will be worked on by the offensive players and for the defense the players will have to use the techniques and defend their action. There is a very beautiful progress from drill to drill like the coach Smith will use the 2-on-2 drill to get into the 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 shell drill and in all these drills the players will defend face cuts, shuffle cuts, give and go, and on ball screen actions.

    Not only this but the coach Smith will also focus on numerous half-court entries that will help the players get offensive reps in the 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 setting. The pre-season practice will come to an end with the circle transition drill in which the players will focus on getting back to the basket and will try to stop the ball in the open court.

    Pre-Season Basketball Practice 2

    Now when it comes to the Practice 2 of the Pre-Season, the coach Smith will make the players go through the 1-on-1 turn drill that will progress to the 3-on-3 defense of the UCLA cut, and to work on a fire pick and roll trap, there is another drill used named as the 4-on-4 drill. The coach Smith will also explain why individual skill development on daily basis is important as the team goes on to work on post and guard shooting. On the other hand, a very useful post entry off of a high-low set-up will help you increase your post players offensive abilities. When you will go through the scrimmage 5-on-5 in the half you will get an opportunity to go through coach Smith’s zone offense as well.

    Mid-Season Basketball Practice 1

    Well, the practice 1 of the Mid-Season will cover every aspect of the game and it is very beneficial. Smith will focus heavily on improving your offensive concepts and for that purpose he will make full use of the drill work. Like he uses the Inside/Out Shooting drill to improve your offensive concepts. Now for the guards, they will work on the entry passes into the post and the guards will relocate too and try to catch the kickback pass and put up their shots.

    In order to display the fundamental concepts of really impressive man-to-man offense, the coach will make use of the 1-on-1 Turn and the 2-on-2 Overplay. Furthermore, the team will continue to work on the defensive drills and the team will go from 3-on-3 to 4-on-4 and will end up at the 5-on-5 transition. One more exciting thing you are going to witness is the way coach Smith keeps his players fresh and focused during exams and winter break.

    Mid-Season Basketball Practice 2

    When it comes to the second practice of the Mid-Season. The coach Smith main focus will be on the offensive skills and he spends great time on it as well. Now that the basic ideas of the game are already in place so now for the offensive portion the coach Smith will make the players go through a series of sets while being in the half-court as well as some plays that will kickstart their offense.

    The offensive end of the game requires great amount of focus and commitment. There are drills through which the players will have to go that are also connected with good fundamentals. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.

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