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    Basketball Practice 1

    The main focus of Travis Ford is making their players play aggressive, full court defense and also work together in order to stop the dribble penetration and pass entry. The Coach Ford will be explaining lots of things like how to properly closeout and deny your opponent the paint through various basketball drills which also include the 1-on-0 closeout and zig-zag.

    Another thing on which the coach Ford focuses on is making the rebounding better. For that purpose the coach Fords will make use of a competitive and demanding 4-on-4 circle rebounding drill that will focus on attacking the glass on the offensive and defensive end. You will also be given several drills by coach that you can later on teach your players for unique and impressive defensive techniques and strategies for defending in the best way possible. By learning new techniques and strategies that players will be able to defend the dribble hand-off, down screen action, ball screen action and post play.

    Basketball Practice 2

    In the 2nd practice, the coach will put forward the offensive system. He will teach you the fundamentals of his Power Offense and he will also completely break it down so that you can understand and master it properly. In order to get successful in any offensive system, the coach will make use of fundamental drills in order to build necessary skills that will help the players in any offensive system. The coach highly focuses on individual skills and for that purposes he makes use of several individual drills and practices which include the individual ball handling against pads to two-ball passing to individual shooting from game spots, to 3-on-0 transition breaks and this also includes actions within the Power Offense. So, you are learning new things along with the Power Offense. So, you are getting a lot out of this practice session as well.

    Basketball Practice 3

    When it comes to the final practice session, the coach Ford will mix up his offensive and defensive philosophies together. In order to develop a game-like atmosphere, the coach will make use of the 3-on-0 and 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations.

    Now when it comes to stopping the ball in the open court the coach will be using the competitive and very impressive 5-on-4 defensive transition and this will work on stopping the ball in the open court. This will also prevent from easy buckets as well. In the practice there will self developed disadvantages that will help the team create an illusion on the defensive end and this illusion will not allow any easy bucket for the offensive player.

    Furthermore, you will also see 5-on-5 half court possessions and this will explain the secondary break options and counter scoring options within the Power Offense. Rent this Travis Ford basketball practice video today.

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