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    Day 1 Basketball Practice:

    You will go through a video session in which coach Drew will make you learn lots of things. This video session is also used to reinforce good habits into the young players of the team. This basketball practice will start with the rebounding, closeouts and transition defense. The coach will also explain what differentiates a good rebound from a bad one. You will also learn how a team should look while coming back in the transition defense. In order to get the players go the coach Drew will be making players go through several fundamental drills. There will be a post development workout for the Bears in which the players will be practicing finishing at the rim with duck-ins, cheat steps and lobs over the top. Furthermore, the players will be learning the progressive closeout drills, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and then spends a good amount of time on the 5-on-5 scenarios. In this scenario, the players will be working on all aspects of the game that includes half-court defense, offense and the transition game.

    Day 2 Basketball Practice

    So, the second basketball practice will start where the first practice session ended. The coach Drew likes to go with the flow and will keep you connected. In this practice session, there is a strong focus on defensive rebounding and transition. The players will get amazing instructions from the coach Drew for better understanding and to be successful when rebounding in the Big 12 with the help of 1-on-1 box drill that is being used to teach you proper form and technique when boxing out. He will make you understand everything related to post pass and rotate out of it in the 4-on-4 diamond shell drill and this a different way to make use of the shell defense in order to teach your principles. This is not it as you will learn lots of new things like how to defend or score in transition when the coach Drew is explaining his build up transition drill. Furthermore, not everything is related to the Defensive side of the game as Coach Drew will be making use of 5-on-5 half court scenario in which he explains the Baylor Ball Screen motion offense. This offense also includes several ball screen set and you can use these sets to implement into your playbook the next moment.

    Day 3 Basketball Practice

    The third day of the teaching is related to the post player and perimeter offensive skills. The coach Drew will be teaching the post play technique by using 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 drills. These drills will also help the players score against any opponent. The coach will also make use of the 4-on-4 half court drill that will break down your offensive screening action. Furthermore, the players will also learn more things like how to react off of a screen and how to counter in order to be successful basketball player. The coach Drew focuses on almost every part of the game and he will also help you improve your IQ level in the basketball game as well. Rent this basketball practice video today.

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