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    Basketball Practice 1

    When it comes to the very first practice session of the 2014-2015 season. You will go through a live, unedited practice video in which you will learn on working on the defense, transition, and half-court offensive execution. You will also learn the principles and fundamentals of man-to-man defense and you will learn this with the help of breakdown drills. When it comes to the 3 V 3 Circle Drill, the players will be working on the close outs, defensive positioning, and bluff and recover to help on dribble penetration.

    When it comes to the offensive side, there will be a mixture of exciting breakdown rills that will help you to improve passing and the shooting. You will be to learn to teach the common actions with the help of In/Out Shooting and Angle Passing drills. The 10 set plays will be used when the Bulldogs will start to develop their offensive system.

    The coach will explain everything so beautifully that players will be able to learn very little things that are very valuable. These little things will help achieve big goals. The best part about this program is the constant communication and teaching of the coach and his staff that will really help you. From every mistake to success, everything will be discussed.

    Basketball Practice 2

    When it comes to the practice 2, the coach Few will continue working on the defensive system. Most of the drills will be focusing on making the intensity of the on-ball pressure better. When it comes to the Z Drill and the Snake Pit the main focus of the defenders will be keeping the ball in front of them. Now there are several drills and every drill have its own function like the Pressure Trap Drill which will teach the players about playing aggressively. The emphasize will also be on team’s coordination with one another in order to defend the ball screens with hard shows, soft shows, traps, switches, and X-outs.

    For the individual skill work, the team will break down by position. For the post players, they will be working on the high/low entries and will be finishing in the post. Now for the guards, they will be going through the drills which will focus on driving, spacing and relocating. Well, the guards and the bigs will be getting shots in the Gonzaga’s half-court offense that they will be simulating. The practice session will come to an end with a 5-on-5 half-court scrimmage. This is not the end as the coach will go into the detail analysis in which he will teach the Bulldogs set versus man-to-man defense.

    Basketball Practice 3

    Now for the last practice of the program the coach will focus on the building blocks of the offensive and defensive strategies. In order to read the ball screens in the best way possible the coach will make you go through new drills specifically for this purpose this will teach the players how to quickly dismantle defensive reactions. When the coach is done with working on the fundamentals, the next thing that the Bulldogs will work on will be off-ball screens and helping on drives.

    Furthermore, the coach Few will also showcase an icing the pick-and-roll in this practice. Icing is a ball screen defense in the NBA that forces the ball handler, in a side pick and roll, towards the baseline and away from the middle. Gonzaga's Blue coverage is also introduced. Blue is a big-on-big double on the post and this is when the offense has two inside and three on the perimeter. The coach will also make you learn the art of trapping and rotation. The Bulldogs will be using a scoring system that will reward the defense in many ways and for that purpose the coach will be using the 4-on-4 shell drill. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.

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