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    Brenda Freese Basketball Practice Video

    Strength & Conditioning

    You will go through a detailed weight training workout session and the assistant coach David Adkins will be handling that session for you. From active warm up to incline press with lat pull down to power pulls with thera leg band extension to medicine ball drop with tricep pull downs, there are so many things covered in the session that will help your team improve on a large scale. They will go to the court for a 30-minute shooting workout after they are finished with the 30 minute segment. They will work out the soreness from the weight room and their main focus will be on shooting technique. From there, the team will go through the power jumpers, partner shooting using the Gun and it will come to an end with the shooting workout with free throws.


    The team will have to go through warm up and dynamic stretching through each and every basketball practice they perform. The coach Frese gives huge importance to it as it will lead into the finishing school where the team will focus on finishing shots around the basket and footwork. With the help of running 5-man weave back to 3-on-2 back to 2-on-1 as well as 5-4-3, transition recognition and position work they will improve the transition offense. These basketball practices and workouts will help you big time with improving the offense. These basketball drills will further improve your communication, footwork, ball handling, passing and shooting.

    Basketball Practice Offense

    You will also get a detailed look at the Coach Frese's offensive system. This system is laoded with the transition offense, zone offense, press offense, and her half-court offense-thumbs down and thumbs special. All these are very important in making your offensive game even better. The coach will construct her drills that will add components and progressions while working on feeding the post. She also emphasizes the value of getting shots up from spots in your offense. All this will really help you take your offense to the next level.

    Basketball Practice Defense

    Now you will go through the defensive drills that will now improve your defensive game big time. The coach will show you how she builds her defensive system along with her match-up zone. You will be learning about stance, guarding your yard, closeouts, jumping to the ball, dribble contain, denial, defending ball screens, post defense and rebounding. This is not the end as you will also see build-up drills from 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4 into the shell drill that will help to work on the defensive principles in every segment. Furthermore, you will also be having a detailed look at the 22 press, and these 22 presses is a 2-2-1 press back that is connected to their match-up zone defense.

    Coaches Clinic

    One more exciting thing about this program is the coaches clinic. Here coach Frese will also talk about her leadership skills. The coach will make you go through valuable 11 components that she feels are very valuable in order to transform yourself into an effective leader. From creating energy to work ethic to building confidence to setting goals there is so much included in it. Rent this basketball practice video today.

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