Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Passing

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  • Ganon Baker Basketball Passing Drills Video DVD
  • basketball passing drills video
  • advanced and youth basketball passing drills
  • Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Passing
  • Ganon Baker basketball passing drills
  • use a wall for your passing drills
  • basketball passing drills off the dribble
  • two ball basketball passing drills
  • Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Passing
  • Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Passing
  • Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Passing
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Ganon Baker's Basketball Passing Drills

Ganon Baker's Basketball School Basketball Passing Drills is the most comprehensive basletball passing drills video available. Featuring drills for the Preps and the Pros, this passing drills video will challenge you your entire career.  The passing drills can be done by yourself or with a partner.  Ganon demonstrates all of the drills by himself using a wall.  To do the drills with a partner, simply replace the wall with a partner.

Practice Basketball Passing Drills by Yourself

Doing the drills on the video will not only help you pass the ball better it will help you catch the ball better too. You'll also develop quicker and faster hands that will also help you in your dribbling drills.  It only takes 5 minutes of basketball passing drills each day to make big improvments.  Start with some of the easier drills and work towards the harder drills to continue to challenge yourself.

Experience Basketball Passing Drills with Ganon Baker

Experience Ganon Baker's Incredible energy and skill level. You won't believe what incredible skill Ganon Baker has until you see it.  Try to reach Ganon's level of passing the basketball and you will probably be the best passer on your team and beyond.  With Ganon you'll develop both your right and left hand so that you can throw the basketball with either hand equally well.  This means you will be able to deliver the basketball to your teammates when they are open as quickly and accurately as possible.  Players that can only pass the basketball with one hand have to pivot to get into position to throw a pass to the weak side.  This isn't as quick as quickly firing it off with your weak hand.  But your weak hand won't be your weak hand.  You will be ambidexterous meaning you can pass the basketball equally well with either hand.

These drills will also help your dribbling skills as Ganon includes various drills passing off the dribble to keep the drills as game realistic as possible.  Take your passing skills to another level!  Order Ganon Baker's Basketball Passing Drills today.

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