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  • Offensive Individual Musts for Basketball by Eric Bridgeland Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Offensive Skills - Individual Musts

    Teaching players to produce high percentage shots should be a must in any program. Whitman College head coach Eric Bridgeland has been teaching his players well. Since taking over the Whitman program, Bridgeland has produced three Northwest Conference players of the year and has produced a 104-14 record over the last four seasons.

    In this video, Coach Bridgeland gives you a closer look inside how he develops his players’ individual skills and gets them ready for the next level of competition. You will see Bridgeland’s foundational drills as well as the advanced drills he uses to kick things up a notch.

    Basketball Offensive Skills - Foundational Drills

    Coach Bridgeland begins with form shooting and has his players get in a low squat stance to get power from the legs. Players hold their fingertips out and over-exaggerate their follow through to develop proper shooting technique.

    The Attacking Defenders drill pits players in a 1-on-1 where they use Coach Bridgeland’s direct drive concept. Players throw the ball out in front of them, chase it, and try to use as few dribbles as possible to get the ball into the paint. Athletes practice getting low and clipping the hip of their defender to create separation from the defense.

    Basketball Offensive Skills - Advanced Skills

    With the foundation laid, Coach Bridgeland moves into more advanced drills. In 2-Ball Shooting, players use a number of different actions to attack the paint and get to the rim. Rip and Go is a 2-on-1 drill that helps players read the defender. If a player can finish at the rim, Bridgeland requires them to do so. If the attacker is forced to pull up, the other offensive player looks to get out by the NBA 3-point line to create more space. The drill finishes with players using a jab and fake and other separation moves giving players the tools they need to succeed.

    The ASE Jump Shot drill teachers players to work on rising into their shot. Players relocate off of a baseline drive before taking a jump shot. Here, players also try and combine moves working on step backs, the rip and go, or any other separation move.

    Coach Bridgeland’s 58-minute video is an excellent skill development presentation. The drills you see here come from a coach that has sent six players to play professionally overseas in the last 10 years. Bridgeland’s attention to detail and emphasis on attacking the rim are skills that can help benefit any player in any program. Rent th is basketball offensive skills DVD today.

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