10 Ways to Improve Your Shooting in Basketball # Part 1

If we go back in time, lets say 10 years ago, and we take a look at basketball, we would see a demand for big, strong, athletic guys that can jump very high. Game was paint centered, was more physical and based on contact. In todays basketball, shooting and skill is everything and athleticism is not a main thing. Would Nikola Jokic sign a 154 million dollar contract 15 years ago? I think not. He cant really jump, he is not strong, but man can pass, man can shoot, he is crafty, he is skilled. Now he is a Top 20 NBA player, and 10 years ago he would not be even on the bench.  

As the game demands shooting , the Hoopsking team felt a need and obligation to help and have decided that it is time to go through all the things that are important if we want to develop a good shot for our players. We will start from the basics and we will build our way up all covered with details. It is important to know what we want to achieve and what we need to work on to develop a nice shooting form.

Before we start talking about tips how to fix/improve the shooting, we will go through the basics of the shot mechanics and conclude what is the right way to shoot the ball. We will start with the hand/fingers.

Red zones are primary. They provide the main traction and are always in the contact with the ball. Blue zones are semi-active. Their use is to stabilize the ball in the acts of preparation for the release, and they become neutral in the final stage as the ball leaves the hand. Black area is specific and is usually active with the people who have wide palms or are the middle finger shooters. As we mention the fingers, there are two types of shooters in regard of that is the last finger to have contact with the ball: index and middle finger shooters.

As far as the off hand is concerned, there is an M and the T grip. There really is none practical difference. See the picture.

How to grip the ball

Now we move to the hands motion. Let us see the picture.

Shooting motion

1. Both active and passive hand/finger zones are on the ball. DO NOT let ball slip lower to the palm because the ball will not have the rotation and the shot will be short.  

2. The angle between the forearm and the upper arm should be from 80 to 90 degrees.

3. Ball is then raised on the forehead area. Placement of the ball is relevant and there really are no two same shots. There are just left eye and right eye shooters, depending on what the dominant targeting eye is.

4. The last thing that the ball is touching in the act of shooting are the top of the fingers.

5. After the release the hand should be straight and at the 45 (+/- 10) degree angle.

6. The fingers should follow the ball as you are trying to put the hand in to the basket (as the end of the whip). The picture shows the optimal angle witch generates rotation of the ball and determines the distance. Keep the hand more straight and the ball will go without rotation and will travel further, put in too much spin and it will fall short.

How to whip the ball

As far as the body is concerned, the shot should be taken from the triple threat position:

1. knees slightly bent forward

2. foot positioned a bit wider then the hips

3. the motion should have a constant flow

4. release of the ball should be from the highest point of the jump

5. body should not lean in any direction

6. soft take off from the fingers same as the landing.

Body control in a shooting motion

On every segment of the shot motion players can have troubles witch can lead them to be less efficient. We are going to break down every and each of those problems and try to explain to you how to fix them.

Tip #1: A lot of players have a problem where their off hand is making a problem by pushing the ball too much witch result with the ball going from one hand to another. You can use this "mirror drill" to help your players develop that muscle memory and a fluid flow with both hands.

The next drill is called "palm". For this drill make your players USE palm and NOT the fingers. For both of these drills do not let them practice at the rim, because the players might focus on the ball going in rather then how they hold it. So, focus on the process and not on the outcome.

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Aug 08, 2018 Coach Viktor

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