10 Ways to Improve Your Shooting in Basketball # Part 2

Tip #2: Have you ever watched Ray Allen take a shot? Or Kyle Korver? Both of them have the same body position, the same motion every time they shoot the basketball and it is a result of thousands and thousands repetitions over the years. The flow of the shot can be analyzed on several parts: feet, knees, hips, upper body, and on every disparity can occur that will lead to unbalanced preparation for the shot.

Ending the shot with the hand following the basket, the players will have a full control of the shot, and will avoid ball going sideways. To improve players control of the body in the shooting motion, we recommend you to do next two drills. The 180 pivot, and the 180 hop.

The 180 pivot starts with the player turning the back to the basket, then making the fast pivot towards the basket and taking the shot. This way, their mindset will be on how to position their body the right way while in the mid air. The more the players do this drills, the more their brain is memorising how to control the flow and the body positioning in the shot motion. Eventually, our goal is to make it automatic.  



The 180 hop is done the same way, but the difference here is that the player do not have that pivoting leg on the ground to help him prepare for the jumper. Body control with this drill gets on another level because the preparation for the shot is done in mid air.

Tip #3: A good and constant rhythm of the shot is giving our players confidence and makes them feel comfortable taking the jumpers. Players need to develop the routine of a constant ball movement while aiming for the basket and all of that without stopping the ball.

The first drill for the rhythm development will be Down Slow Up Fast. No movement stops, no twitches because the player will fall out of his routine.

Basically, the slow motion parts are when the body goes down and when going up until the ball is reaching the chest area. Movement of the ball is getting faster from the chest to the release point.



The next drill is called the Ground Up. Simply put the ball anywhere on the ground and make the players run to the middle of the court and then come to the ball, pick it up from the ground and shoot in one motion. This way you will make them do the drill with the fatigue, witch will ultimately make a real in game situation.

Tip #4: Arc of the shot is something that can cause many problems for the players. If it is too high, it is hard to anticipate the power of release, and if it is too straight the ball is either on the front or on the back of the rim.

The first drill that will fix the arc is called Elbow Up. The key point is that the at the end of the shot the elbow should be in the level of the eyebrow.


The second drill that we are going to use is called The Body Rhythm Shot. Players need to make their body and the ball be one in the act of shooting. When body goes down, the ball is going down, when body goes up, the ball goes up.

First, do some repetitions of the catch, and then afterwards, do the drill with the dribble.


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Aug 08, 2018 Coach Viktor

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