(Rental)-Bunch Series & Change of Pace Offensive Sets

  • (Rental)-Bunch Series & Change of Pace Offensive Sets
  • Bunch Series & Change of Pace Offensive Sets by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Greg Kampe: Bunch Series & Change of Pace Offensive Sets

    Use these Basketball Offense Plays for a spark for your offense? When you are faced with an opponent’s scoring run, wouldn’t you like to have an easy way to stop it? Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe opens up his playbook to offer you a number of change of pace quick-hitting plays designed to get you back in games.

    Coach Kampe has over 600 career wins and was a four-time Summit League Coach of the Year while at Oakland. He spends time in this on-court video sharing with you some of his best quick hitters. You will see plays to generate easy scoring opportunities from the post and from 3-point range in this wonderfully entertaining video that also includes a unique variation of defending ball screens.

    Basketball Offense Plays Quick Hitters

    Kampe coaches an up-tempo offense at Oakland and has over 100 different basketball offense plays that he uses to create scoring chances in the half-court. You will see many of these plays in this video. One of the key items you will find is how Coach Kampe uses simple terminology to help his players learn concepts faster.

    Kampe introduces the Bunch Series, which is a group of plays that have an option for each player on the floor to get a look from their prime shooting spot. Bunch Corner, for example, is a staple of Coach Kampe’s offense and has a number of options to get someone an easy scoring opportunity.

    Kampe also shares with you the Choice Series, which can open up shots outside the 3-point arc, inside the lane, and on penetrating drives. Each basketball offense plays is taught 5-on-0 and then progresses to a 5-on-5 situation so that players see how a defense reacts. Kampe’s biggest coaching point is for players to simply follow the rules of the play. Being disciplined is the key to these plays being successful.

    Defending The Ball Screen

    Ball screen defenses are built upon communication and Coach Kampe’s is no different. While built on communication, Kampe’s philosophy of defending ball screens is much different than what is considered normal. In this segment, Kampe will explain how he handles ball screens. It may be unconventional, but you will see as players get into the action how Kampe’s philosophy works.

    Labeling Shooters

    With the aid of analytics, Kampe is able to better defend opponents. Labeling shooters and where they make shots from has a great impact on defending ball screens. Kampe’s defenses take that into account. Coach’s defense will defend shooters, hedge/close out non-shooters, and force opponents to take a low percentage shot.

    There is something for everyone in this 81-minute, on-court video. Coach Kampe’s quick hitters are a great addition to any offense and his take on ball screen defense is unique but very successful.  Rent this basketball offense plays & defending the ball screen DVD today.

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