Basketball Varsity Toss Back

  • Gared Varsity Toss Back Net
  • Gared Varsity Basketball Pass Back Net
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The #1 Basketball Passing Toss Back that Allows You to Throw Realistic Passes to Yourself - So You Can Make Workouts More Game Like

When practicing by yourself it's hard to simulate realistic passes to yourself. You usually end up catching the basketball at weird angles that you just wouldn't in a game.

Or maybe you are short on coaches and need another person to make passes.

Why not make your training and practices more realistic?

The Varsity Toss Back Passing Net helps players and teams in their passing skills and in playing off the catch in basketball.  For individual passing workouts players can throw the basketball off the net with one or two basketballs with many drill possibilities.

The Toss Back is also great for catching and shooting on the perimeter.  Players pass the ball against the toss back and then can catch and shoot in rhythm like they would in a game.  Want to work in the post?  Set the Toss Back on the perimeter, throw the basketball off the net, and go to work down low!

The Varsity Toss Back Passing Net will give all of your workouts more realistic passes so that your training is game like as possible - even when you are by yourself.

  • Net frame adjusts to various angles so that you can do many types of practice drills
  • Net frame is 38" x 51" and height can be adjusted from 4' 5" to 7' 4" which gives you plenty of surface area to throw the basketball against
  • Roll around base makes the Toss Back very stable and easy to move around anywhere on the court.
  • Unit features a hand lever brake so the  Toss Back won't move no matter how many basketballs are passed against it.

Whether you are a coach or an invdividual the Varsity Toss Back is the cream of the crop when it comes to basketball passing return systems.  Order today.


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