(Rental)-Open Basketball Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Defense

  • basketball defense practice drills video with T.J. Otzelberge
  • Open Basketball Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Defense by T.J. Otzelberger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger: Defense

    One of the up-and-coming coaches in college basketball, South Dakota State mentor T.J. Otzelberger teaches his defensive system in this open practice video. Coach Otzelberger’s defense is all about forcing opponents into less than desirable shots and then tenacious rebounding in an effort to get the ball into transition quickly. One look at this video and you will understand why Otzelberger’s teams are consistently ranked in the nation’s top 10 in defensive rebounding.

    Stance, Slides, and Closeouts

    Coach Otzelberger preaches the basics: stance, slide, and closing out. You will see the low, wide, and active stance that Otzelberger teaches his players. Active hands allow players to take away passing lanes and deflect passes. High hands on a closeout force opponents to take tough shots. Understanding the basics can help any defensive style disrupt any offensive action.

    Ball Screen Defense

    As more teams move to a ball screen offense, successful teams are those that have lock-down ball screen defenses. You must have different ways to defend the ball screen and ways to take away an effective ball handler. Coach Otzelberger will show you his side ball screen defense where he teaches players to have a wide, open stance with the chest up to take on the driver coming off of a ball screen.

    Alley Drill

    Coach Otzelberger demonstrates the Alley Drill which is one that will push your players to their limits. It’s a competitive drill in which each team sends athletes through the “alley.” Defenders have to work to keep their opponent in front of them in the lane line alley. The idea is to use good angles to cut off offensive players forcing them to turn.

    The three-hour-plus video gives you an inside look at the entire defensive philosophy of one of college basketball’s brightest young minds. Coach Otzelberger takes you through his defense from the ground up showing you how to constantly pressure the ball. This is a great video for coaches looking to add to their defensive arsenal.

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