(Rental)-Drills to Develop Your Defense

  • (Rental)-Drills to Develop Your Defense
  • Drills to Develop Your Defense by Steve Fisher Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Defense Drills

    Steve Fisher was long-time NCAA coach at both Michigan, where he won a national championship in 1989, and San Diego State. In accumulating nearly 500 career wins, Fisher left a trademark for tough, aggressive, and sound defense. In this video, he shares with you the keys – communication and positioning – to his dominating defenses. Using over 15 practice drills, Fisher gives you everything you need to build a suffocating defense.

    Basketball Shell Drill

    The Shell Drill and all of its variations is something that should be done every day if you are looking to coach a successful defense. Coach Fisher demonstrates the Shell Drill and shows you how to use it to translate learned defensive concepts into success in game situations.

    Fisher drills defensive positioning that shuts off passing lanes while at the same time providing solid help defense. He shows how to prevent dribble penetration with the use of stunts. You will also see how Coach Fisher rotates defenders to double the ball and cover the first pass out on drives to the baseline. Your players will learn to keep the man in front and play with a greater sense of urgency when off the ball to improve help defense.

    Coach Fisher insists that the Shell Drill should be used daily and uses it to teach the finer points of defense. Using the Shell Defense Drills with your players can help them become comfortable with your defensive system and learn what to expect come game time.

    Other Defense Drills & Techniques

    Coach Fisher shares a number of additional concepts and drills in an effort to ensure that you have well-rounded basketball players that are solid all-around defenders.

    • Numbers Rebounding Drill: Defenders scramble to contest an open shooter and secure the ball.
    • Trace Drill: Learn the proper closeout technique and how to pressure the ball without giving up the drive.
    • “Black” & “Left”: These tactics force an offense to move the ball into particular areas of the floor where the defense is at an advantage.
    • “Regular” & “Lock”: Learn two methods for disrupting baseline inbound plays.
    • Late-game strategy: Coach Fisher shares his ideas on taking away a star player’s ability to make a play at the end of a game.

    This 73-minute video is a detailed, well organized presentation from one of the college game’s great coaches. Fisher will give you everything you need to develop a hard-nosed, aggressive defense that can create turnovers and produce more wins. Rent this Defense Drills for Basketball DVD today.

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