(Rental)-A Foundation For Success

  • (Rental)-A Foundation For Success
  • A Foundation For Success by Roy Rana Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Man-to-Man Defensive Fundamentals: A Foundation for Success

    In this video, learn the philosophy of Roy Rana, head basketball coach at Ryerson University in Canada. Rana’s defenses were crucial in his leading the Canadian U-19 National Team to a gold medal at the 2017 FIBA championships. Learn how Rana teaches players to stop pick and rolls, play lock down transition defense, and build outstanding individual defenders.

    Individual Defense Fundamentals

    In today’s game, players need to understand how to defend dribble penetration, stop easy transition baskets, and defend any pick-and-roll situation. Coach Rana uses three different 1-on-1 drills to teach the proper footwork in the stance and closeout. Coach Rana then progresses to 1-on-2 and 3-on-3 situations where players learn to stunt, recover, and work on help side defense.

    Pick and Roll Defense

    Defeating the pick and roll has become a necessary skill for all players on the floor. Coach Rana will illustrate how your players can ice a ball screen all while maintaining sound help side defense. The pick and roll comes in many shapes and sizes and players must become comfortable in defending ball screens, skip passes, and dribble hand-offs. All are explained by Coach Rana in this video.

    Transition Defense

    One of the more common situations that defenses face is the shorthanded 5-on-3. Coach Rana describes how to buy time for the remaining defensive help to recover. Players learn how to stop the ball, guard the basket, and defend the first pass. Doing so can give defenders enough time to recover into a 5-on-5 situation. Coach Rana stresses communication as a key to stopping opponents at half court allowing defenders to get back into an even situation.

    Special Situations

    The end of a game presents a number of situations that, if practiced properly, can put more Ws in your win column. Defending late game situations can increase your propensity to win. Defending an out of bounds play under the basket with less than 10 seconds to play or a sideline out of bounds with less than five second are situations that, if taught correctly, can improve your team’s winning percentage. You will witness Coach Rana’s amazing attention to detail and see firsthand how man-to-man defense in all situations leads to success.

    78 minutes. 2016.

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