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Every basketball coach needs to have a printable blank basketball court template by his side at all times. The reasons are simple:

  1. You can draw drills and plays as a preparation for the workouts
  2. They are great for scouting jobs when you are watching other teams play and you want to take some notes and remember their plays
  3. They are perfect for making shot charts for both your team and the opponents. If you want to have an insight of how your team is shooting or what are the good spots of the opponent, you can put an X for a miss and O (with the number of the player that made the shot) for the made shot
  4. They are perfect for the times when you see a certain play and you want to draw it up so you do not forget it
  5. They are good for coaching clinics and seminars when you want to organize your notes but also you want to draw some drills or plays.
NBA Basketball Court Template Hoopsking

As we have full-court basketball diagram templates, we are going to make a half-court basketball diagram template just because they have a different use.
A full-court template is good for drawing full-court setups, drills and trap defenses, and if you want to draw a play there is whole other half to put some notes about what you saw or heard.
The half-court basketball template is good for drawing plays in a step by step manner, or a certain half-court defenses.

Full Court Diagram

High School Basketball Court Diagram Template

Half Court Diagram

Basketball Half Court Diagram

You can always go one step further and choose one of our more creative basketball court templates:

Basketball Court Diagram Red
Basketball Court Diagram Orange
Basketball Court Diagram Wood

Basketball Court Diagram Green 1
Basketball Court Diagram Green 2
Basketball Court Diagram Green 3

Basketball Court Diagram Hoopsking Default
Basketball Court Diagram Hoopsking Red
Basketball Court Diagram Hoopsking Yellow

Basketball Court Diagram Hoopsking Brown
Basketball Court Diagram Hoopsking Blue
Basketball Court Diagram Hoopsking Green
Nov 07, 2019 Coach Chris

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