Athletic Power Station

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How to Easily Develop Incredible Power on the Basketball Court Without the Danger of Typical Olympic Weight Lifting

Use the Athletic Power Station to Make Once Difficult Power Weightlifting Moves Easy to Learn & Do

An Important Message for Basketball Players that Want to Be More Athletic & Powerful - Quickly...
and Basketball Coaches that Want to Take Their Program to Another Level

Attention Basketball Players, Coaches & even Parents...

Are you looking to develop more Strength & Power? Would you like to be as dominant on the court as you can possibly be? Jump Higher, Be Stronger, Quicker, and really just take your whole game & athleticism to another level?

Hi, my name is Coach Chris and here's the TRUTH you need to know about developing power that translates to the court!

Every player wants to dunk, blow past defenders, finish and 1s, rip down boards, get faster & quicker, & OVERALL just be a Beast on the court. Every coach wants players like this too I'm sure of...Right coaches?

But a big problem players (& coaches) face is developing that Power that is within you. How do you get that out and onto the court?

Well, if you were in a top college program you would have a weight coach who could help you learn to do Powerful, Olympic weight lifting moves that would help you develop to your full potential and teach you these complex moves - SAFELY.

But if you aren't at a high level college program (you probably want to get there right?) and are like most players in high school you just don't do these types of lifts because they are too dangerous and too hard to learn.

Which means you (or your team) won't benefit from these type of lifts or if you try them you might injure yourself.

But luckily for you there's now a solution to your problem!!

So if you are a basketball player who really wants to develop the kind of strength and power only Olympic Weightlifting movements do,

Or if you are a basketball coach, and want to transform your program's the solution you've been looking for...

Introducing... the Athletic Power Station landmine attachment

The Athletic Power Station Helps You:

  • Develop your True Potential now by Unlocking Strength & Power you aren't tapping into currently...
  • Do Olympic Weightlifting movements Safely & Easily...
  • Train Like You are at Top College Basketball Program...
  • Gain strength & power that other players won't & don't even know how to Develop...
  • Add extra inches to your vertical, be quicker on defense, run the floor faster, and out muscle your opponents...
  • Come back next season a completely different player and athlete...

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Athletic Power Station" after your first workout and it costs Less than a gym membership or a personal trainer.

So again, if you're a a basketball player who wants to jump higher, become quicker and be a better overall athlete, understand this:

  • Using olympic lifts in your training will help you Jump Higher, Blow Past Defenders, Lockdown on Defense,Rebound with Authority, Run the Court Faster...
  • You don't need to have a specialized weight coach to teach you these lifts
  • You can get the benefit of Olympic Weightlifting movements Safely - without the Pain & Risk
  • Develop more power for the court and dominate with Supreme Confidence...

Act Now - Get a Big Advantage on Other Players (Teams) not utilizing Olympic Power Lifts.

Get Onboard With Athletic Power Station from HoopsKing Now!

Order Now!

Why the Athletic Power Station Changes the Game...

  1. Neutral grip on all movements means the moves are done as our joints are meant to move - not putting force against them which causes pain and injury.
  2. It's safer than a free weight olympic bar or even dumbbells so you have confidence when you are lifting and can focus on lifting instead of worrying about getting injured.
  3. You can do all of the movements and continue to use heavier weights with weight plates all the while maintaining safety.

Go Beyond Olympic Lifts with Basketball Movement Based Lifts

  1. Easily replicate movements you do on the basketball court all the time which means you'll be stronger in every aspect of the game.
  2. One Foot Jumps - Use the APS for finishing moves such as layups off of one foot. This will also help you improve your balance which is an often overlooked aspect of athleticism.
  3. Two Feet Jumps - Rebounding, Vertical Jump, Dunking
  4. Lateral Movements - Increase your speed, strength, & quickness laterally

Cost Effective & Minimal Space Required

  1. If you already have an Olympic bar & weight plates, all you need to have your own APS is a landmine attachment like the Renegade & the ASP.
  2. AT HOME - Easily perform many lifts that would normally require a big rack right in the comfort of your home.
  3. SCHOOLS - Landmines take up limited space which makes it easy to have multiple players training at the same time. Run circuits where 5 players are lifting, 5 are resting, and just keep alternating.

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