Basic Stunts, Dismounts and Transitions

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with Mark Coleman, Over 35 National Titles at UCA High School Nationals, UCA All-Star Nationals, Jamfest Super Nationals and more! The ultimate in basic stunt instruction! Mark Coleman teaches you the basic stunt techniques and strategies that he has used with his squads to win over 35 state and national titles. What makes this presentation stand above all others is that Coleman shares his years of successful experience and takes time to discuss not only the how of each skill but the "why" of each skill. You will learn the nuances and tricks to make each stunt work! Coleman discusses how to create a disciplined commitment to safety with your squad as well as providing specific instruction on effective spotting techniques. Coleman presents each skill in progression from easiest to hardest. He thoroughly teaches each stunt using the whole-part-whole method: * The stunt is performed in its entirety. * The stunt is broken down position by position: Top girl, main base, secondary base and back spot. * The stunt is again shown in its entirety. BASIC STUNTS10 Stunts 4 transitions 6 technical position segments Activity (Category) * Step-up shoulder straddle (Basic stunt) * Leap frog to shoulder straddle (Basic stunt) * Elevator base positioning (Basic technique position instruction) * Elevator load position (Basic technique position instruction) * Elevator counts (Basic technique position instruction) * Elevator Extension to half pop cradle (Basic stunt) * Proper cradle techniques (Basic technique position instruction) * Top girl technique (Basic technique position instruction) * Twist cradle technique (Basic technique position instruction) * Elevator to twist cradle (Basic stunt) * Elevator to extension pop cradle (Basic stunt) * Elevator to extension twist cradle (Basic stunt) * Liberty pop cradle (Basic stunt) * Liberty twist cradle (Basic stunt) * Single base tap down (Basic stunt) * Single base pop cradle (Basic stunt) * Show and go (Basic stunt transition) * Reload to squish (Basic stunt transition) * Reload to liberty stall (Basic stunt transition) * Log roll (Basic stunt transition) 2010.
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