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    The Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense

    Upgrade your Dribble Drive offense by adding ball screens as well as some elements of the Princeton offense to make it hard to defend. It’s exactly what Dave Clarke did when he took over at Owens Community College. Coach Clarke delivered a 14-win turnaround in Year 1 with his Ball Screen Dribble Drive. A year later, he took his team to an NJCAA Final Four.

    In this video, Clarke shows you how to integrate ball screens into the dribble drive to create an aggressive, hard-to-defend offense. The results create lanes to drive in and spaces from which to score all over the floor.

    How to Run the"5-out" Offense

    One of the most unique aspects of the offense is that all of the positions are interchangeable. Players learn every position on the floor. They know the rules and responsibilities for each spot which makes things easier as they move about the floor.

    Coach Clarke opens up the middle by putting a guard in the post and a “big” on the perimeter. This works especially well in the “Princeton” alignment. A set play that delivers a quick hitter before the motion is possible as is a quick hitter at the end of the shot clock.

    Implementing Ball Screens

    All of the concepts you will see are similar to other dribble drive offenses, but Clarke’s version uses ball screens. Using the 4 at the top to initiate the offense sets up a number of opportunities for screens. Making the 4 responsible for setting screens keeps thing simple and allows for continuation, which is a given in the dribble drive.

    Part of Coach Clarke’s on-court presentation involves a 5-on-0 walk-through as well as full speed demonstrations that emphasize the value of good spacing. He shows you how his players move off each pass, what options they have, and how all five players react to ball movement off the pass or dribble.

    Clarke also shows you seven different quick hitters that allow you to get quick scores in the paint or create wide open 3-point attempts.

    Coach Clarke’s offense is easy to implement and is perfect for junior high, high school, and junior college programs. It works especially well in programs where there is a lot of player turnover as well as in those that have a bunch of “small” players. Rent this Dribble Drive DVD today.

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