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    Real Time Basketball Practice with Joanne McCallie

    You will learn the essentials that will help you run a successful practice from one of the top women’s coaches in the game. Yes, the coach Joanne P. McCallie is the one who can transform your game to a whole new level. Now is your chance to get your hands on the three practices leading up to Duke’s opening contest for the 2009-10 season.

    Basketball Warm Up Drills

    Well, the practices start with the Warm up drills in which the coach McCallie will start each practice with a team warm up or stretching segment. This will also include individual player development drills and the team development drills as well. So, what these drills will do for you? Well, the drills will help you improve your ball handling skills, passing and shooting skills that will also incorporate with the McCallie’s offensive and defensive philosophy as well. There are break down drills as well for the post and perimeter players, situational transition drills and also the full court conditioning drills.

    Basketball Offense Drills

    After the warm up drills, you will dive in to the offensive part of the practice. Here you will learn the offensive philosophy and will have an in depth look at the Coach McCallie’s offensive system. You will learn how Duke implements its early offense with the help of different reads and calls versus a 5-on-0 setting along with the 5-on-5 scrimmage. Furthermore, you will get an inside look at some of the Duke’s half-court offensive sets that they use versus man and zone defense.

    Basketball Defense Drills

    When it comes to the defensive side, the coach will walk you through some of the important drills for your overall offensive game improvement. You will get to see coach’s main defensive drills and also the match-up zone. You will see how Duke will defend on the ball, builds on the transition defense and the how she defends the post. You will also go through the techniques of disrupting the ball, eliminating the passing lanes and also placing pressure on the offense. Furthermore, she will also show you where and how they will trap to cause disruption to the offense. These are some of the valuable and key parts of her practices which will prove very useful for your performance on the field. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.

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