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    Jim Larranaga Practice Plan & Tips

    Need a basketball practice plan?  Why not watch a Top College Coach as he runs his basketball practice in real time.

    Basketball Pre-Practice & Warm Ups

    The philosophy of the coach is based on attitude, commitment and class and the coach Larranaga beautiful explains all that along with his programs 10 commitments for the upcoming season.

    Patriot's stretching and warm-up routine are the very first things that you will learn while heading to the court. You will also learn how Larranaga communicates with his team and what his goals are and what he wants to achieve in every single practice. You will be able to learn very key and fundamental drills for dribbling, passing and for shooting.

    Defensive Basketball Practice Plan

    The coach is very hard working and his hard-nosed style of play clearly reflects in his drills and practices. His attitude clearly comes in style while teaching the defensive fundamentals. From defensive footwork to nose on the ball to close-outs to post defense to transition defense, these are some of the skills and concepts that you will learn and he will make you understand as well. There are drills like the lane slides, guarding the ball full court, 1-on-1 closeouts, 4-on-4 chaser and the 5-on-5 conversion as well. There is a shell drill as well which will allow different practices of offensive and defensive concepts being formed at the same time(simultaneously).

    Basketball Practice Plan: Shooting & Rebounding Drills

    While you will be practicing, you will be able to get a lot of shoots from each area of the court. There different shos like the partner shooting, three-point shots, B.E.E.F repeats and free throws and the 2-line lay-ups which will be practiced again and again for better results. The rebounding in every drill both offensively and defensively is very important and that’s what coach clearly emphasizes.

    Jim Larranaga Offensive System

    Now comes the offensive part, here the coach Larranaga will make you go through his transition game as well as some of his half court offense. You will learn several things like learning the whole-part method of the coach in which his offensive system is broken down into a 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 setting. Coach Laranaga’s 41 game and 42 game are used in transition and in the half court. You will also learn his Chin Series in the half court and will also learn the art of breaking it down using the drills.

    In order to attack the 2-3 zone, the 1-2-2 zone as well as the 1-3-1 zone, the coach will make you go through the repetitions. So, how this attack works? Well, in this attack there will be one post player as in 34, 34X and 41 High. There will also be two arrival which includes a trip to the 2006 Final Four. Rent this basketball practice plan DVD today.

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