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    Bruce Weber's Basketball Practice Plan

    The Coach Bruce Weber is famous all over the college ranks and with the NBA personnel as well. He markets an unselfish brand of basketball and tries his best when it comes to player development. He also focuses on the a really valuable facet that is team chemistry. Weber looks for an up-tempo motion offense that is combined with very tough and competitive man-to-man defense. Coach Weber is so experienced and that’s what makes him so demanding and one of the top coaches in the game. Now is your chance to utilize his experience and learn his concepts and adopt them in your programs to give your team the edge for the next season.

    Team Warm-Up for Basketball Practice

    Every practice of Coach Weber starts with a team's warm up and stretching segment. It also includes several drills for the individual development and team development. All these drills will help you get better at communication, footwork, ball handling, passing and shooting while you will learn Weber’s defensive and offensive philosophy. From post to perimeter players to transition build-up drills to competitive games, the coach Weber has designed several drills for overall betterment.

    Offense Basketball Practice Plan

    You will get an inside look at the Coach Weber's offensive system. This system is loaded with the transition offense, out-of-bounds plays, zone offense, press offense and also his motion offense. You will get an idea of how Coach Weber works and makes use of his drills. And how he builds up all the drills adding components and progressing from 1-on-1 up to 5-on-5. Coach Weber will focus on each area of the Offensive system heavily and everything is shown in the all-access DVD set.

    Defense Basketball Practice Plan

    When it comes to the Defensive side, you will learn all those drills the Coach Weber has used over the years to improve his defensive system and his match-up zone. You will see how he makes his players understand defensive transition, stance, closeouts, jumping to the ball, dribble contain, denial, defending ball screens, post defense and also the rebounding. There are other drills like build-up drills from 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4 into the shell drill working on defensive principles in each segment.

    Game Day

    Now we come down to the final segment in which Coach Weber you will learn about the team’s Game Day set-up. This also includes a team shoot around involving opponent analysis, free throw shooting, spot shooting, motion shooting and also the position shooting. You will also get an idea about how he keeps his players fit and active on game day. The players go through 5-on-0, transition offense, motion offense, press offense and also the in bound plays to keep the players fit and strong. Rent this Basketball Practice Plan DVD today.

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