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    Basketball Practice Drills with Matt Bollant

    You will learn new techniques and workouts that will help you improve your team's focus, temperament, effort and will to fight. You will see how the coach Matt Bollant has build the Phoenix offensive and defensive system with the help of a live practice setting.

    The basketball practice session will commence with a 5-0 shell drill and also numerous other drills in order to make you learn the cut, communicate and play with poise on the offensive end.

    In order to work on the high percentage game shots out of the Phoenix offense. The coach will make use of the rapid fire drill. After that, the players will go through the full court 2-on-3, 3-on-3 and block-hold-release drills. These drills are very useful as these will help the players work on the offensive fundamentals in the half-court game and the primary and secondary break. All these drills are very useful in allowing your players to make mental transitions during games and to achieve the flowing brain.

    The coach will also make use of the full court blood drills that will help the players learn how to be aggressive. This will also make the players build an attacking mentality in the open court. With a 3-on-3 Cut Throat Drill the players will pick up the defensive fundamentals that will work on the closing out low, communicating with the teammates, utilizing the jump shots and making sure the players don't use a butt ball action.

    Basketball Practice Defensive Drills

    The focus on defensive side of the game will go on and the coach Matt Bollant will teach the “closeouts inside the V. In order to explain how to square up to a defender off the closeout the coach will make use of the 1-on-1 drill. He gives huge importance on working on high hands, long and low first step and making sure you don’t open the gate. The defenders will also learn how to communicate and pressure the ball with the help of 4-on-3 passing drill. This drill will also allow you to make your opponent think about their next pass.

    The basketball practice will come to an end with the 4-on-4 shell drill. To teach the players the cutting and screening action of their motion offense the players will go through the different layers of shell devised by coach Bollant. The players will develop a tough practice mentality with the use of 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 shell drills. There are lots of things that you are going to learn at the end of the practice session like building solid defensive principles and pressure, how to create good help side defense and help the helper action and many more useful things. The coach will end the practice session with the 3 ways Drill to sum up everything. Rent this Matt Bollant basketball practice DVD today.

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