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    John Calipari Basketball Practice

    John Calipari has experienced a high level of success during his tenure at Kentucky. For the first time he is opening the doors of the famous gym to show you how he has accomplished so much. During the over five hours worth of instruction you will get an all access look into the first practices of Kentucky's 2009-2010 season.

    Basketball Practice 1

    The first practice is almost entirely focused on the offense. Coach Cal gives instruction on his philosophy behind his offense along with showing you how he build his transition game. He then shows the foundations of his now famous Dribble Drive half court offense. He continues his offensive instruction by showing how Kentucky runs their transition using a 5-0 drill where all the different options are explained and demonstrated. He then moves into a series of player development with a focus on ball handling and layups. He has players go through a series of drills that focus on improving the players speed, moves, and finish with contact.

    Calipari continues to drill transition fundamentals using a handful of drills that include a full court team layup drill, full court two-man passing, three-man full court, and a handful of others. During this practice segment Calipari feeds his players his attacking mentality by requiring them to attack the basket harder and faster with each progressing drill. Calipari briefly goes over the defense by emphasizing how to protect the basket.

    Post Basketball Practice Discussion

    An amazing feature of this DVD package is the nearly 40 minutes of question and answer after the first practice. Calipari fields questions from the attending questions that range from player skill level, dribble drive philosophy, and practice planning. It is a truly valuable piece that allow Coach Cal to go into greater detail over what you have just seen.

    During the same segment, NBA veteran and current assistant coach Rod Strickland goes over some ball handling drills that Kentucky uses to increase skill and ball quickness. He was also an assistant at Memphis where he helped mentor NBA studs Derick Rose and Tyreke Evans.

    Another Kentucky assistant, John Robic, goes into much greater detail about the dribble drive offense. He details player spacing and positioning along with going over position specific expectations. He goes into even more detail involving some of the post skills required in the drive that include slides, relocation, sealing, and screens.

    Basketball Practice 2

    The second practice is when Coach Cal builds his stifling man-to-man defense. Calipari uses drills ranging from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5 that reinforce Kentucky's defensive fundamentals which include early help, back foot fake, lunge, and closeouts. Calipari also teaches his rules for transition defense and demonstrates a combination transition drill that progresses from 2-on-1 all the way to 5-on-5. Kentucky is known for intense, aggressive man defense and this segment will show you the foundation of how they get there.

    Using the tried and true shell drill, Calipari show you how they teach the base actions of their defense which include closeouts, ball pressure, closeouts, and keeping vision of the ball. While the shell drill is not new, the way they run it is certainly unique. Calipari stresses the importance of getting the "30 Second Perfect Stop" as a way to ensure players are performing each action perfectly.

    Throughout practice you will get a great feel for how Calipari coaches. He does not hold back in providing coaches and players with all of his knowledge and experience as he perfects their technique in every drill.

    Get a first-hand experience into what makes Kentucky basketball practice so special by renting this DVD today.

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