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  • Advanced Basketball Drills For Women: Wing by Steph Wood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Advanced Wing Basketball Drills for Women

    Learn Steph Wood's Wing Basketball Drills. There are a number of skills needed to become an elite-level wing player and Steph Wood, former lead trainer with Ganon Baker Basketball, and Lori Drake, a former Division I player and Certified Skill Development trainer with Ganon Baker Basketball, reveal what it takes to become that next-level type player on the wing.

    Wood, who is also the founder of The Stronger Woman, is one of the best skill development coaches in the country and has trained a number of Division I women’s basketball players. Drake was the leading scorer and rebounder for UNC-Wilmington as a senior in 2007. Since, she has coached at the junior college and Division I levels and, like Wood, has been involved with Ganon Baker Basketball, one of the premier training organizations in the nation.

    By the end of this presentation, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to have the skill set to move to the next level. Wood will present more than 20 wing basketball drills that will help you become a top-level offensive player and a lock-down defender.

    Elite Wing Guard Standards

    Wood has developed a list of 10 standards that every wing guard must be able to execute if they are going to play at the next level. Those standards are:

    1. Be able to execute the five angles of the ball screen
    2. Effectively feed, cut, and play off the post
    3. Shoot 35 to 45 percent from 3-point range in games, 60 to 70 percent in practice
    4. Have two separation moves off the dribble and off the triple-threat position with counters for each
    5. Read the defense off of a down screen or pin down screen
    6. Make open shots from 15 to 19 feet at 70 to 80 percent
    7. Score in transition
    8. Be a great perimeter defender and contain defensive penetration
    9. Be in great shape both mentally and physically
    10. Finish around the rim with secondary moves

    Wing Basketball Drills for Offense

    Wood covers everything you need to become the complete wing. A variety of drills are covered using a number of props including cones and chairs. The emphasis is on building a repertoire of moves that allows you to attack the defense. Wood and Drake demonstrate the drills at full speed to prepare you for actual game situations. There are shooting drills off the catch, off screens, and in transition.

    Wing Basketball Drills for Defense

    Being an elite defender is also part of being a complete wing and Wood and Drake share with you a number of defensive drills that can be used in your individual workouts or during your actual team practices. Wood and Drake stress the basic fundamentals of defense – staying low, keeping the hands up, and communicating constantly throughout each drill.

    This 43-minute video is as complete a presentation as there is on wing play. Rent this Wing Basketball Drills DVD today.

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