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Our Price: $99.99
    • INCREASE RESULTS W/O EXTRA TIME - Just wear the weighted vest when you exercise, train, walk, etc and you'll get MORE
    • LOOKS GREAT! - Sleek fit and stylish look will give you some Swag when you workout. Forget those military, big, bulky, bouncy vests.
    • FOR ALL AGES - From Young to Old get to reap the benefits of training or wearing a weighted vest during any activity.
    • ATHLETIC BENEFITS - Just wear the SWAG weighted vest during your normal training and you'll develop more strength and cardiovascular fitness without doing more workouts.  Make your current workouts harder by wearing the vest and get more out of your workouts.
    • FITNESS BENEFITS - Wear the SWAG weighted vest while walking or running to burn more calories and get in better shape - again - without doing extra workouts.  Get more out of your exercise time.
    • INCLUDES 10 LBS OF WEIGHT - The SWAG weighted vest comes with 10 lbs of weights and you can purchase up to 20 more lbs to max the vest out at 30 lbs. Order extra weights when you order the vest and you won't pay anymore in shipping costs.
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Get Faster, Quicker, Stronger, in Better Shape w/ the SWAG Adjustable Weighted Vest...
Without Spending MORE Time Working Out!

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Ready to get better results from your workouts? Want to become more Athletic? Just wear the SWAG (Strength Weighted Agility Gear) Adjustable Neoprene Weighted Vest during your normal workouts to add a new level of Intensity, bust through plateaus, & make bigger gains in your game!

What Makes the SWAG Adjustable Weighted Vest Special?

Adjustable Micro Weights

Sleek & Comfortable

Too Easy!

No matter your goals the SWAG Weighted Vest will help you achieve them. Want to build speed and quickness use less weight. Want to build Strength? Load it up to 30 bls. Adjust the SWAG Vest from 1/2 lb all the way up to 30 lbs. You easily control the amount of weight you need so you get the results you are needing.

Whether you just want to walk and burn extra calories or you are sprinting to build speed, quickness, & strength you'll look great in the SWAG Weighted Vest. It's easy to move in the SWAG vest so you can easily dribble a basketball, spike a volley, or swing a bat - or whatever sport-even swimming!

Wear the SWAG Weighted Vest, do you normal routine and that's it. Except, for the fact you'll be getting much more out of your workouts than usual. You'll burn more calories, build strength, build aerobic conditioning, get faster, build bone density, and on and on.

SWAG Weighted Vest Bonus

10 lbs of Weight is included with your Vest. That's a $60 value just in Weights!

What People Are Saying About the SWAG Weighted Vest...

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The SWAG Weigthed Vest is the Weighted Vest
for All Ages & Activities!

Our SWAG Weighted vest is a weighted vest for adults and youth - so everyone can benefit.

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Benefits of Training with the SWAG Adjustable Neoprene Weighted Vest

  • 🏋MORE ENDURANCE - extra weight makes your muscles work more which means no matter the activity you'll build endurance so when others are getting tired you'll keep going!
  • 💪MORE STRENGTH & POWER - You're going to get faster, quicker, and stronger as your muscles must compensate for the extra weight. The SWAG Adjustable Neoprene Weighted Vest is a great way to build your athleticism without doing extra workouts to do so.
  • ⚖BETTER BALANCE - Balance is an important and often overlooked factor in athleticism. The extra weight on the upper body will force you to work harder to maintain your balance. From great running backs in football to top point guards - balance is a huge factor in their success and something many athletes don't even address in their training.
  • 🔥BURN MORE FAT - Adding more muscle from the SWAG Adjustable Neoprene Weighted Vest will help you burn more fat and calories. This is an easy way to increase speed and endurance in your activities - and just FEEL BETTER!
  • 💓HUGE CARDIO BENEFITS - The Best Players in the Best Shape! Your cardiovascular system will go into overdrive wearing the weighted vest. You'll perform at peak levels while others will need a timeout!
  • 🦴INCREASED BONE HEALTH - We all know lifting weights increases bone density so wearing the SWAG Weighted vest has the same effect. As we age, bone density is important in preventing breaks, and improving bone health is as simple as wearing the SWAG Vest while walking!
  • 👍EASY TO USE - The SWAG Adjustable Neoprene Weighted Vest is easy to take with and use anywhere so why wait to start experiencing all the great benefits of the SWAG Vest?

What are you waiting for? Experience all of these great benefits now and order your SWAG Adjustable Weighted Vest today! Try it for 30 Days Risk Free!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Try the SWAG Weighted Vest has been a big hit for many athletes and those just looking to get in better shape. You have 30 Full Days to try it out for yourself. If you aren't happy for any reason, just send it back to use and we'll refund the full product price.

How Much Weight Should You Use in a Weighted Vest?

  • Sports Drills - For example, you are dribbling up and down the basketball, shooting shots, layups, etc. Doing a normal basketball workout. We recommend you add 10%of your body weight to the vest. So if you weigh 150 lbs you would add 15 lbs to the vest. And as your body adapts to that weight, and as long as you keep proper form and technique, you can increase the weight. That's the great thing about the SWAG vest is that you can add as little as 1/2 lb at a time to work your way up without having to add too much extra weight that you can't handle.
  • Strength Training - If you are doing exercises that are for strength building, explosive power (sprinting), plyometrics you can load the vest all the way up to 30 lbs if that is appropriate for you. For example, if you are doing squats with the weighted vest you can handle the larger load and it will not affect your form or technique.

Weighted Vest Features

  • Individual inner weight pockets which means you can add as little as 1/2 pound of weight at a time
  • Neoprene fabric is anti-bacterial/anti-microbial treated.
  • All seams are bound for long-lasting durability.
  • Weights are made of powder-coated lead for Maximum safe handling
  • Vest can be used by any athlete, including swimmers.

How the Adjustable Weighted Vest Works

Your body is acclimated to your weight, and burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. As you add more weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight.

Consequently, more calories are burned to support the increased muscle action. A properly weighted vest can intensify any activity or exercise. By increasing your metabolic rate and causing you to burn more calories in the same amount of time as your usual workout, the SWAG Weight Vest can double your results, making any workout much more effective.

Benefits of the SWAG Adjustable Weighted Vest

Weight resistance can be adjusted in half-pound increments to easily incroporate the SWAG Strength Weight Vest and SWAG Strength Weight Shorts into speed progressions, plyometric progressions, agility drills, cardiovasular conditioning, and body weight exercises. Vest and shorts can be used with swimmers aquatic workouts.

How to Size Your SWAG Adjustable Weighted Vest

weighted vest for adults

How to Care for Your Adjustable Neoprene Weighted Vest

After Using the Vest

  • Hang the Vest up indoors after use to keep creases and folds from developing.
  • Hang away from direct sunlight which can cause drying and cracking
  • Only allow the vest to be exposed to direct sunlight when training and store inside when done.

Cleaing the SWAG Vest

  1. Remove all weights.
  2. Do NOT use a Washing Machine to clean your vest.
  3. Hand wash as you would delicate clothing.
  4. Rinse your SWAG Vest throughoughly with cold water.
  5. Do not use Detergeant

Drying the SWAG Vest

  1. Hang the vest inside-out to dry (Turn it inside out)
  2. Do not dry outside in sunlight as the vest could lose some flexibility
  3. Do not tumble dry as extreme heat will melt the fabric

What does a weighted vest do for you?

A weighted vest adds extra weight to your body, which can increase the intensity of your workout and help to build strength and endurance. It can also help to improve your balance and stability, and increase your calorie burn during exercise.

Is a 20 pound weight vest good?

The weight of a vest that is suitable for you will depend on your fitness level, goals, and the exercises you plan to do. A 20 pound weight vest can be a good option for many peop