Adam Szabo - Baserunning & Fielding Biomechanics

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When it comes to baseball, there are 4 basic yet key components of the game: Hitting Pitching Fielding Baserunning In this course, Adam Szabo is going to share with you the most underlooked factors that go into baserunning and fielding. This course will cover: Athletic movement priniciples that apply to baserunning and fielding and can also be applied to all athletic movement Proper accelereration and sprinting techniques Baserunning stances and techniques for all bases and all situations Proper fielding stances and mechanics Proper catcher stances and mechanics Videos of sprint exercises that teach baseball transitions and acceleration techniques Baserunning and fielding are key parts of the game and needs to be addressed by all players and coaches. This is a detailed course with a lot of analysis of the do's and don'ts.
Video #Video TitleVideo Length
1Introduction 5:27
2Neutral Head Position 2:17
3Athletic Position 0:41
4Shin Angles 1:11
5Stretch Reflexes 1:48
6Triple Extension 1:02
7Knee Positioning 1:56
8Sprinting Technique 3:11
92 Point Stance 1:29
103 Point Stance 0:53
11Universal Athletic Position 1:31
12Take Off Form 3:29
13Sprint Form Examples 1:44
14Running Form Tips 3:29
15Acceleration Phases 1:21
16Technique Breakdown 1:56
17Considerations For Baseball Field Dimensions 2:51
18Home to 1st 2:28
19Correct Form on The Bases 0:59
20Head Turns - On The Move 1:11
21Game Footage Breakdown Free 1:56
22Leading Off 1:41
23Lead Off Technique Pictures 3:06
24Stealing Bases 1:35
25Feet First Sliding 2:13
26Correct Feet First Technique 1:29
27Head First Sliding 1:14
28Correct Head 1st Technique 3:22
29Video Breakdown of Stealing 3:22
30Tagging Up 1:33
31Shuffling 1:28
32Rounding Bases 3:53
33Open Q/A 4:00
34Fielding Stances 6:39
35Fielding a Ground Ball 2:24
36Outfield Play 4:54
37Catcher Stances 6:04
38Coaching Points For Sprint Exercises 2:18
39Tagging Up to Sprint 0:02
40Swinging to Sprinting 0:03
41Swinging, Running, and Looking for the Ball 0:04
42Swinging, Sprinting, & Taking a Quick Look for the Ball 0:05
43Sprinting From Fielding Stance 0:02
44Fielding Stance to Starts & Stops 0:05
45Rotate 180 Degrees to Sprinting 0:02
46Backpedal & Transition to Sprinting 0:03
47Sprinting From a Lead-Off Stance 0:02
48Transitions between Leading-Off, Tagging-Up, & Sprinting 0:04
49Delayed Steal (Shuffling to Sprinting) 0:03
50Shuffle Sideways to Sprinting Forward 0:03
51Sprint to Directional Shuffle to Sprinting 0:04
52Rounding Bases & Running Curves 0:04
53Sitting Facing Forward to Sprinting 0:03
54Sitting Sideways to Sprinting 0:03
55On Stomach Facing Forwards to Sprinting 0:03
56On Stomach Facing Backwards to Sprinting 0:04
57On Stomach Facing Sideways to Sprinting 0:02
58Biomechanics of Stealing Bases, Base Running, & Fielding

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Adam Szabo is the Founder and CEO of Excelerate Athletic Development. Besides this he has been teaching Mathematics since 1999 while being a Head Coach for both Football and Track and Field. Excelerate Athletic Development started, in 2010, by training Division II and III college football players. From there, we expanded to training the Midland Redskins Baseball Program and have grown into a training and consulting company, with multiple trainers, that serve boys and girls high schools, teams, individuals, and organizations. Everything we do is built upon athletic movement principles that through a systematic and organized set of programs and workouts, teaches proper technique while developing athleticism. During our time, we have won 3 State Championships and 3 Connie Mack World Series Titles. For more information, please go to
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