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  • Perimeter player basketball drills
  • Aau Girls: Perimeter Player Skill Development by Sherri Coale Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Perimeter Player Basketball Drills for Girls

    Learn Sheri Coale's Perimeter Player Basketball Drills. Oklahoma women’s head basketball coach Sheri Coale has built the Sooners program into one of the nation’s best. Coale has 10 conference championships – six regular season and four tournament – and has taken Oklahoma to the NCAA tournament every year since 1999.

    While building a program, Coach Coale understands the necessity of learning the individual skills needed to be part of a bigger team. In this video, she presents to you over 20 individual skill development drills that will help you design meaningful player workouts. From ball handling all the way to shooting the basketball, you will learn how you can provide effective workouts, especially those for perimeter players, to enhance your program.

    Ball Handling Perimeter Player Drills

    Perimeter players must know how to advance the basketball safely and securely. Coach Coale starts with an effective ball handling progression that begins with simple stationary dribbling. Players progress to figure eights, wrap arounds, and even two-ball drills. The progression takes players through more complex drills in an effort to develop players that can effectively dribble the ball up the floor while envisioning the entire court.

    Passing & Catching Basketball Drills

    Two of the more overlooked fundamental skills in the game of basketball are passing and catching. Perimeter players must become familiar with a variety of passing options. The chest pass and bounce pass are just two of many. Coale shows how players should catch the basketball and immediately be in triple-threat position. Use of the feet and positioning are stressed here as Coach Coale emphasizes putting perimeter players in a catch-and-shoot position upon receiving a pass. A number of drills are presented including partner passing and shooting off of a number of different screens.

    Perimeter Player Basketball Drills - Shooting

    The final segment of the video stresses one of the most important fundamental skills in basketball – shooting. Coach Coale shows you basic screen actions and cutting in order to get your best perimeter shooters open. There is emphasis placed on setting different screens – down screen, back screen, flare screen, and the pin screen – and how your perimeter players can score off of them. Coale stresses working at game speed so that players get in the habit of getting open and shooting from spots where they will shoot in games.

    This 78-minute perimeter player basketball drills video from one of womens college basketball’s best is one of the best for helping your players develop the fundamentals of basketball.

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