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    Tim Schuring’s Complete Offensive Basketball System

    Tim Schuring, owner-director of TNT5 Basketball Development and Iowa Prep, offers his complete offensive system in this video set. It’s an offense that has helped Schuring accumulate wins by the bunches over a 25-year career as a head and assistant coach at both the high school and college levels. It’s a system that is easy to learn, easy to teach, and can lead to success anywhere.

    Why Choose Coach Schuring’s Basketball Offensive System?

    Schuring’s offensive basketball system is perfect for a beginning coach, an aged veteran, or one at any level of play from third graders to the NBA. It is simply that good. Here’s why.

    • It works at any level with proven success from third grade through college.
    • It promotes player development.
    • It is a complete offensive system including fast break, secondary break, BLOBs (baseline out of bounds plays), press breakers, and much more.
    • It covers all the important details to make the offense successful.
    • It is simple, yet the system can grow with your team.
    • It is flexible.
    • It is easy to install using a step-by-step process to implement the entire system.

    The Offensive Basketball System

    The video series begins with the transition offense, both the primary and secondary breaks. Coach Schuring shares his “3 Keys” to making the transition offense work. He also goes into detail on fast break counters and secondary break counters. You will also see how you can adjust the transition offense for different levels simplifying the system for third and fourth graders, for example.

    Coach Schuring then builds the half-court Motion offense. He will share his core principles for running the motion offense against both man and zone defenses. He reviews motion counters and again shows you how to adapt the offense to the different grade levels.

    The video series concludes with a number of special plays, quick hitters, and out of bounds plays. You will see six quick hitters as well as BLOBs, SLOBs (sideline out of bounds) plays, and press breakers. The press breakers are reviewed against every imaginable defense. In the end, Coach Schuring reviews how you can use his system. Some may choose to install the entire package where others may want to pick and choose what to use within their own system.

    Either way, Coach Schuring offers coaches a complete offensive system that can be used at any level of basketball. Nothing is left to chance in this wonderful video series from Coach Schuring. Rent this offensive basketball system today.

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