(Rental)-The D1 Player Workout: A Complete Skill Package

  • (Rental)-The D1 Player Workout: A Complete Skill Package
  • The D1 Player Workout: A Complete Skill Package by Gary Close Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    He is the former assistant coach of the University of Wisconsin. He served in this position for about 13 years. He was able to reach the semi-finals consecutively. This eventually led to gaining a place in the championships. He is 3 times champions of the Big Ten.


    The coach who makes this video has spent years training with players in college in all sizes. In this video, Close uses this experience to create the perfect workout. This workout is deemed to be the perfect solution to make every single player which engages in the workout a better player. There are different skills which can be learnt from the workout. These include attacking movies, shooting skills and so much more. This video and workout program is the perfect way to get your players ready for the test ahead and to help them improve themselves. Things that would be in focus include;

    • HANDLING: it is said that the team is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, one thing which most coaches do is to try to strengthen their weakest links when it comes to handling. This is why the importance of handling cannot be overemphasized. In this program, five drills have been prepared to ensure that the players get to improve their handling effectively. For example, attack and repeat drill is designed in such a way that it would allow the players to be able to break down any form of defence in just about four dribbles. For these dribbles to be effective, good ball handling is needed at all times.
    • ATTACKING MOVES: do you want to improve your players when it comes to attacking moves when they are one on one with a defender? Then this chair drill in this program would be perfect for them. The goal of the chair is to allow a player to make multiple moves which would create the necessary space or gap to successfully dribble a defender. Other, this drill can give your players the opportunity to learn some separation drills which focus would be to give your players the needed space in order to take shots successfully.
    • POST MOVES: if you want your players to be able to make post moves which would leave them with a good scoring chance, then this drill would be perfect for you. This drill makes it possible by using a chair to help the students to learn how to create the needed space in the post to create a good scoring opportunity.
    • SHOOTING DRILLS: this drill would see your students learn about five drills which would help improve the shooting quality of your team players and students. These drills would serve the purpose of being a motivator for your players. This will eventually make them start to score more on a regular basis. Drills like the Quick Pick Up would help to improve their shooting mechanics and so much more.

    This video ensures that your team is ready for any skill development which is deemed necessary.

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