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    Smart Basketball Passing Drills

    One of the most underrated skills in the game of basketball is the ability to pass. Those who are effective passers make their teammates better by giving them the ball in a position to score. Smart Basketball Training Lead Trainer Austin McBeth shows you 17 different passing drills that help any player become a better, more accurate passer.

    McBeth, who played for Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State, offers up drills that can be done alone or with a partner. The drills will improve your passing, but Coach McBeth goes even deeper explaining when and why to use different types of passes.

    Basketball Passing Drills With a Partner

    If you have partner or are practicing with a team, Coach McBeth shows you a variety of drills designed to improve passing skills. You will learn how to throw better lead passes, flare passes, back door bounce passes, and more. The drills are not simply two players passing the ball back and forth either. Coach McBeth simulates game-like situations so players learn to recognize when to pass and what type of pass to use.

    Basketball Passing Drills Without a Partner

    There will be times when you do not have a partner. Coach McBeth gives you a number of one-handed and two-handed drills that you can practice on your own. All you need is a wall. In addition to perfecting different types of passes, Coach McBeth also incorporates different crossovers so that players develop the ability to pass off the dribble. These drills will help players develop the muscle memory to be able to pass off the dribble in any game situation.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a point guard looking to improve your assist game or a post player who wants to be a better passer. Coach McBeth’s 45-minute video gives you the drills you need to pass like a pro. Rent this basketball passing drills DVD today.

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