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  • Set Plays & Drills For The Mover Blocker Offense by Tom Jicha Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mover Blocker Offense Drills & Plays

    John A. Ferguson High School head coach Tom Jicha builds upon his Mover-Blocker offense video with this presentation that focuses on set plays and basic drills and skills. You will see 12 different set plays that are used when defenses begin to figure out what the offense is doing. These types of plays are great after a timeout, at the end of a quarter, or for the first play of the second half. Coach Jicha discusses the importance of players being able to score in a number of ways and addresses those skills with a series of drills.

    Set Plays in the Mover Blocker Offense

    Being able to attack a defense without changing personnel is a big advantage for an offense. This keeps the defense guessing. The essential actions of the Mover-Blocker offense – flare screens, back screens, pin-downs, etc. – are easy to recognize after a while. When a defense recognizes these actions, it’s time to hit them with set plays designed for quick scores. You will see 12 plays the cover the five major scoring areas identified in the initial Mover-Blocker offense video. Each play produces either a layup or a 3-point attempt.

    Drills for the Mover Blocker Offense

    The drills begin with a basic warm up that incorporates several different motions including layups off a curl, jumpers off a curl, 3-pointers, and fades to the corner. Coach Jicha then moves to 2-on-0 breakdown drills where players work on backdoor cuts, flare 3-point shots, attacking the paint, attacking baseline, and screening/re-screening. The final segment of the video focuses on a series of two-man game drills. Players work on the pick and roll, pick and pop, 7 cut, and the dribble hand-off.

    This video ensures that your players will learn the actions necessary to run the Mover-Blocker offense. It also gives you a number of set plays to turn to when the defense starts recognizing those actions. Rent this mover blocker offense drills DVD today.

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