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  • Running a Successful Basketball Practice
  • Building Blocks For A Successful Practice by Roy Rana Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Running a Successful Basketball Practice

    Pre-Practice Warm-Up

    The running a successful basketbal practice video will start with some warm up pre-practices just to get the players going. The coach Rana will do everything with proper care in this segment because warm up is probably the most important part of the successful practice. You will be implementing the pre-practice and while you are doing that you will also go through a good skill development and you will also be engaging your players more rather than just stretching. You will get the pre-practice plan of coach Rana and this plan will explain how it will help your team get to the next level.

    There are different things that the players will be learning. The players will be improving their skills and at the same time they will also be getting loose through a three-line warm-up. Well, to get loose in practice there is no ordinary layup line drill. The coach will attack the players off the dribble and this is how the coach Rana will make the players practice the defensive rotations. The players getting loose is very handy because when the players are loose, they get the leverage of time to go through a dynamic stretch and get ready to go when the horn sounds. So, ultimately this will make them get even better at speed and improving their response time.

    Running a Successful Basketball Practice Plan

    The way the coach Rana works on several practices is exceptional and you will see how he works on game day, closer to playoffs, pre-season and mid-season. So, overall the coach will be working on several parts of the game that will definitely help you take your game to the next level. Well, every practice has its importance and it plays a vital role in their own way and every practice has its own amazing level of development. Running a successful basketball practice is important to being the best coach you can be.

    There will be more than 10 drills explained by the coach Rana which also include the Base and Go drill in which the players will defend against the dribble drive and will deny the offense paint touches. This will focus the players on having teams beat them from perimeter and this will not allow easy layups.

    How to Shape Your Practice Philosophy

    There are several questions you will be asking yourself in order to build your own philosophy. You should be asking yourself questions like how do you use injured players during practice? Are you building a recovery practice for the day after an intense game? What stats are you going to use in practice? Well, these are the questions you should be asking yourself and in this way, you will get better and better.

    Each practice represents you and it is your own production as per the Coach Rana. The highlight of the coach Rana program is related to making you create your own philosophy and get better at your game in your own way. This will definitely make you a different player of the game. You will learn how you piece together equipment, refs, clock, video, practice plan, rest breaks, and culture and how all this will help you be successful.

    This is not the end as the Coach Rana has covered every part of the basketball game that is important for the development of the players. Ever element in your practice will be covered and the coach will be making you think about all the little things. It doesn'Creatt even matter if you are a new coach or working for 30 years, this program will definitely help you a great deal. Rent this Running a Successful Basketball Practice DVD today.

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