(Rental)-Rebounding Drills & Last Second Plays

  • (Rental)-Rebounding Drills & Last Second Plays
  • Rebounding Drills & Last Second Plays by Bruce Weber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Bruce Weber: Rebounding Drills & Last-Second Plays

    Rebounding is crucial to winning basketball games. On the offensive end, rebounds give teams more opportunities to score. On the defensive end, good rebounding teams limit the number of opponent’s possessions. Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber shares with you nine practice drills that have helped his players become strong rebounders. Weber has enjoyed plenty of success winning a pair of Big 12 titles (2013, 2019) and taking his 2005 Illinois team to the national final. In addition to rebounding drills, Weber also introduces drills that improve passing, spacing, and end-of-game situations.

    Warm Up Drills

    Two drills are demonstrated as part of Weber’s warm up. The Step Off Passing drills teaches players how to get open for a pass, pivot through pressure, and make good passes to teammates. The Rope Action drills helps players understand how to maximize space and play off of dribble penetration.


    Coach Weber demonstrates nine rebounding drills that range from 1-on-1 to full 5-on-5. These drills include:

    • 1-on-1 Pad Rebounding: players learn to defeat a block out and grab an offensive rebound
    • 3-on-3 Rotate: players are challenged to find a new player to block out
    • Scramble Rebound: players attempt to secure a rebound when outnumbered
    • Rush Rebound: non-stop, full-court drill that will test a team’s toughness

    Weber also talks about how to block out opponents in free throw situations preventing them from stealing easy second chance points.

    Last-Second Situations

    The real secret to winning close games is practicing end-of-game situations. Teams that practice under pressure perform better when it comes to games. Weber explains two drills he uses to simulate pressure.

    • Perfect Finish: puts players in late-game situations where failure to execute results in a loss
    • 30-Second Drill: challenges the defense to stop the opponent for an entire possession

    Coach Weber includes five set inbound plays complete with options and counters. These are plays that can be used when your team needs a quick basket. Weber also discusses how he keeps score in his drills which creates competition.

    If you are looking to upgrade your rebounding and improve in late-game situations, Coach Weber is one of the best. Add this video to your collection today!

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