(Rental)-Prolific Point Guard Workout

  • (Rental)-Prolific Point Guard Workout
  • Prolific Point Guard Workout by Daniel Makepeace Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    It is the toughest and most demanding position on the basketball court and Prolific Point Guard can help you master it. All the drills, skills, and concepts you need to become a dominant force at the point are contained in this 90-day program.

    The program consists of five workouts per week with each workout in the 60- to 90-minute range. The workouts follow a progression building off one another using intense “super-set” methods just like the ones used with college and professional players. You don’t need much in the form of equipment either. You can do the workouts on your own or with a partner in your driveway, a local court, or in a gym.

    The Prolific Point Guard system is five fast-paced workouts each building upon the last. You will watch live videos where each drill is explained step by step. You will see how to perform each drill as well why you need to do each one.

    • Workout 1: focuses on introductory ball handling, finishing, footwork, and moving without the ball
    • Workout 2: learn how to attack the rim and beat any defender no matter your skill set
    • Workout 3: focuses on creating maximum space from your defender to shoot and to counter attack
    • Workout 4: learn how to play through and beat pressure in half- and full-court situations and how to score using down screens
    • Workout 5: the toughest in the program, players are challenged to react and be creative on the fly while being pushed to their conditioning limits

    Included in the system is the Teaching Secrets video, which is packed full of concepts and techniques designed to make sure you have the ultimate edge over your opponents. Learn the Stride Stop, the fastest, most efficient way to set your feet to score. You will also learn the Euro Step, Retreat Dribble, Glide Dribble, and much more.

    With Prolific Point Guard, you have access anywhere at any time to a workout that will build exceptional point guard skills. It is simple yet challenging and develops the type of elite skills that can take your game to the next level.

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