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  • Practice Planning Pyramid & Drills by Heather Macy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Practice Planning & Pyramid Drills

    Coaches at all levels must get the most out of their athletes at every practice. Each minute of practice is valuable. Former East Carolina University women’s basketball coach Heather Macy led her program to a huge turnaround with intelligent basketball practice planning that improved the efficiency and effectiveness of her practices. In this video, Coach Macy shares her thoughts on practice design as well as 11 drills that will help you improve various concepts on offense and defense.

    Transition Game Drills

    Coach Macy uses an offensive implementation pyramid to install her offense. The transition offense is part of the pyramid. Watch how Coach Macy establishes the fundamentals of her transition game with three drills that build on each other. The drills work to:

    • Advance the ball under control and pass for a layup
    • Perform precise execution of the outlet
    • Beat any type of full-court pressure defense

    Defense Drills

    Using the implementation pyramid for defense, Coach Macy shows you three drills that teach the fundamentals she emphasizes in her half-court pressure man-to-man defense. These drills will:

    • Improve your players’ technique on closeouts and pressuring a used dribble
    • Train your players to disrupt passing lanes and deny cutters to the basket by closing their V angle
    • Get your players to slow down an attacking ball handler and limit early penetration in transition

    “Interstate Offense” Drills

    Coach Macy teaches a key scoring option in her offense by playing through the high post. Two breakdown drills are presented to help demonstrate how perimeter players can play off passes to the high post with four different actions to choose from. The drills teach proper spacing and how to communicate on screens by “talking with the feet.” Players learn to make the right reads no matter how they are being defended.

    Mental Training Drills

    Three full-court drills are used to demand focus and precise execution at the end of a practice. Coach Macy uses these drills to give her team a gut check while also improving basketball skills. Coach Macy offers great drills and planning ideas to take advantage of practice time. It’s the perfect video for coaches at any level! Rent this basketball practice planning DVD today.

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