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  • Positionless Motion Offense  for basketball
  • Positionless Motion Offense by Steve Bergman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Positionless Motion Offense

    The positonless motion offense can work at any level and Iowa City West (IA) HS head coach Steve Bergman can show you how. Bergman has won six Iowa state championships, including three straight between 2012 and 2014. His teams are a perennial playoff team every year with a cast of revolving players. In this video, Coach Bergman shows you how to install and teach his motion offense.

    In a whiteboard lecture, Coach Bergman reviews the five key elements of his positionless motion offense as well as the five rules that influence how the offense is executed. Bergman then takes a group of players who have never run the offense before and teaches it to them. From spacing to cutting to post play, you will see how easy it is to teach the Motion offense.


    Coach Bergman teaches players how to maintain proper spacing and then how to create constant ball and player movement with cutting and filling. Players learn to read the defense to know when to make a cut. Back screens are also introduced as an alternative method of creating some very easy scoring opportunities.

    Dribble Penetration

    Players must learn how to react properly to dribble penetration. Bergman teaches them how to respond and maintain proper spacing depending upon where the dribble penetration takes place. Correct spacing will maximize the number of scoring options for the offense. Coach Bergman shows you two breakdown drills for the positionless motion offense that help post players figure out what to do on dribble penetration.

    Post Play & Pressure Release

    Coach Bergman shows you how to put pressure on a defense by working the ball into the post. He will show you four scoring options when the ball gets into the post. Each concept is based on creating additional movement. Bergman also shows you options for teams that have two talented post players. He also gets into how to deal with teams that want to challenge passing lanes. You must have a strategy to maintain ball and player movement.

    Coach Bergman’s presentation can help you develop a motion offense that can work at any level of competition! Rent this positionless motion offense DVD today.

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