(Rental)-Point Guard's Command Of The Pick & Roll

  • (Rental)-Point Guard's Command Of The Pick & Roll
  • Point Guard's Command Of The Pick & Roll by Damon Stoudamire Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice with Jim Larranaga: Ball Screen Offense

    Looking for ways to use the ball screen effectively? Look no further than University of Miami head coach Jim Larranaga’s playbook. In this video, Coach Larranaga, who was the 2013 AP College Basketball Coach of the Year, offers you a look inside how he uses ball screens in his offense. While most coaches understand the simple ball screen, the use of multiple ball screens is difficult for defenses to stop. Coach Larranaga shows you how in this video using whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrations.

    It all starts with screening action in transition and in the secondary break. With each screening action, you will see three opportunities to score: the point guard on a drive to the rim, a 3-pointer from the perimeter, or an open post player. Coach Larranaga explains each screen, each cut, and each setup.

    Coach Larranaga then moves into the half-court offense and emphasizes using space. You will see how to create space in the post using a ball screen and isolate your best wing and post players on one side creating a two-man scoring threat. The half-court offense continues with the double ball screen, flat ball screen, and a look at the popular “Horns” set used by several NBA teams. Coach Larranaga walks you through each option and how to counter when a defense takes away the first option.

    Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Larranaga teaches the basic installation of his ball screen offense. He will show you 13 different set plays using ball screen actions, the same ones he reviewed in the whiteboard presentation. Coach draws up both 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations so you and your players can visualize reading and reacting off of a screen. Larranaga even throws in a bonus, the “Zipper” action that is popular in the NBA today. He shows you how to incorporate it into your offense.

    The ball screen offense, when used properly, will confuse opponents especially when screens are used from different angles all over the court. Coach Larranaga is one of the best when it comes to the ball screen. Learn it from one of the game’s masters in this 71-minute video.

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