(Rental)-Playing With Pace And Flow

  • (Rental)-Playing With Pace And Flow
  • Playing With Pace And Flow by Roy Rana Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Tempo : Playing with Pace and Flow

    If you can teach your team how to control and adjust to the tempo of a game, you control the game and that usually translates into more wins. Roy Rana, head coach at Ryerson University and Canada’s junior national team, shows you how to control tempo in this video. Coach Rana has broken down the game into layers of transition and describes how to maximize scoring opportunities in each layer. You will see how to get shots up in transition off of dribble penetration, open 3-pointers, and more.

    Pace of Play

    Coach Rana explains that teams can play at different paces and still flow right into their regular offense. For teams that want to score in transition, Coach Rana demonstrates how to use 80 percent of a team’s offensive touches to score within the first four seconds of a possession. For the other 20 percent, Coach Rana demonstrates the mid- or dead ball pace of offense. You will see how Rana uses a 5-on-0 drill to show players perfect scoring opportunities from the wing, and from dribble penetration as well as showing players how and when to throw the ball ahead.

    Basketball Transition Drills

    A number of drills are used to help players score in transition. Coach Rana demonstrates the Maverick Drill where players are put in an offensive advantage situation. They outlet the ball about the 3-point line and push the ball up the floor as quickly as possible. A half-court defense is used and players must learn to use speed to score quickly. You will see options for taking the ball to the basket as well as finding open 3-pointers.

    Transition Offense Sets

    Coach Rana presents five transition scoring sets and slows the presentation down to ensure understanding. The principles of the transition sets come from the San Antonio Spurs. The Trail Series emphasizes moving the ball quickly around the perimeter. These sets provide multiple chances for players to drive to the rim or kick the ball out for an open 3-pointer.

    The final segment of the 64-minute video features Coach Rana talking about the international game. He discusses the 24-second shot clock and how it is broken down into 8-second segments and what you team should be doing in each smaller segment. Whether it is the international level, junior high, or high school; Coach Rana’s fast-paced style of play is fun and allows players plenty of opportunities to score. Rent this basketball tempo DVD today.

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