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  • Player Development Drills For The Ball Screen Offense by Bruce Weber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Ball Screen Offense Drills

    Running a multidimensional ball screen motion offense has helped Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber attain such accolades as the 2005 Naismith Coach of the Year, a pair of Big 12 championships, and the 2013 Big 12 Coach of the Year award. Weber has tailored his skill development to fit his offense and shows you how he does it in this video. In preparation for a summer trip to Europe, Coach Weber takes you inside his practices at Kansas State. He shows you a number of breakdown drills that help players work off of a variety of different screens. In addition, Weber includes some insight into how to structure a practice plan.

    Ball Screen Drills

    Coach Weber shows you how posts train their scoring options using side ball and middle ball screens. What Weber adds to these ball screen offense drills are common defensive strategies to defend screens such as icing and switching. You will see five different scoring options off of a middle ball screen that include post ups at the rim and even long-range jump shots. Guards also work on making the next pass off middle ball screens.

    Finishing Drills

    Coach Weber has post players go through a series of ball screen offense drills that helps them develop finishing moves. The Mikan Drill is demonstrated along with a number of variations. Posts also work on three different finishing moves from the “Room” position along the baseline. Weber also teaches three moves used to score on offensive rebounds.

    Closeout to 1-on-1 is a competitive drill that teaches your players to react quickly on a baseline drive by lifting off the block and attacking the closeout to score. Your posts will also learn to use leverage in the low post in the 7-Second Booty Ball Drill.

    Dribble Penetration

    There are a number of guard-specific skill drills that Coach Weber addresses. They focus mainly on the drive and kick game. Players learn to be more explosive and drive lower so they can pull up and shoot or finish at the rim. The 3-on-0 Step Off Passing Drill teaches players how to coordinate movements with baseline and middle drives. Players learn how to space the floor on dribble penetration to get the best available shots. You will also see guard drills that address attacking zone defenses.

    Coach Weber goes into great detail to teach you how to develop your players to succeed in a ball screen offense! Rent this ball screen offense drills DVD today.

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