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  • (Rental)-Platooning & Practice Drills
  • Platooning & Practice Drills by Mike Moran Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mike Moran: Platooning & Practice Drills

    Former John Carroll University head coach Mike Moran details the philosophy and advantages of his platooning system. Moran utilized the system for three decades and won over 450 games in his career. The system is perfect for high schools and lower level colleges that have rosters loaded with equally skilled talent. Learn how Coach Moran used the system and watch as he goes through tailoring a practice session to feature multiple strategies.

    The Platooning Concept

    Coach Moran used a system where a whole set of five players substituted for the five that were on the court. He explains the advantages of using such a system covering the following:

    • The trials and errors of creating a rules-based substitution system
    • The nine advantages of the platoon approach
    • Practice preparation and how to get everyone on the same page
    • How to manage and develop a coaching staff

    Tailoring a Practice Session

    Coach Moran’s system is best utilized at the high school level and lower levels – such as Division III – of college play. In a clinic setting, Moran goes through how to plan a practice featuring five-player units and multiple strategies.

    You will see 12 drills that emphasize multiple points of emphasis and depend upon which unit is on the floor. Teaching points include:

    • Use a warm up session to reinforce the strategies of each unit
    • Individual defensive points of emphasis pertaining to the opposition’s personnel traits
    • Multiple pick and roll defensive strategies to confuse the opponent
    • How to manage/utilize assistant coaches with shell drills to maximize teaching
    • Varying full-court defensive pressure to provide multiple looks
    • Using a full-court, 3-point shooting drill to improve accuracy

    This is a unique look at an intriguing concept that helped Moran win hundreds of games and earn numerous NCAA tournament berths. With over 20 years of experience using the platoon system, Moran shows you how to get every player on your roster involved. Players will practice harder, play harder, and win more.

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