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    Basketball Drills at Iowa State Practice

    Iowa State head coach Steve Prohm took over the program and promptly led the Cyclones to the Sweet Sixteen in his first season. Learn how Coach Prohm was able to be so successful in Year 1 in this open practice video featuring some of his first practices at Iowa State. This video is a rare inside look at how Prohm installed his offensive and defensive systems in that first year. You will see 17 different drills that were used to implement a hard-nosed, tough defense that works to prevent easy baskets. In addition, you will see some of Iowa State’s fast break, half-court offense, inbounds plays, and zone offense.

    Warm-Up Basketball Drills

    Coach Prohm begins practices with a number of warm-up drills that serve multiple purposes. These drills focus on running the floor, passing, catching, shooting, and finishing at the basket. Players get their bodies ready for practice while also developing the fundamental skills needed for offensive execution.

    Closeout Drills

    Five different drills are demonstrated by Coach Prohm that develop the fundamental defensive skill of closing out to the ball. Drills include:

    • Full Court Closeouts: Players use the whole court to work on breaking down the to the ball and exploding with their defensive slides.
    • Triangle Slides: Players learn to use closeouts in other defensive movements like sprinting to help or cutting off dribble penetration.
    • Partner Closeout: Players develop their on-ball pressure skills in an effort to become more disruptive defenders.

    Half-Court Defensive Drills

    Prohm begins the teaching of the Cyclones’ man-to-man defense by using nine different drills. The drills teach concepts like helping in the post, denying passes, preventing dribble penetration, and fighting through screens. These drills are great because they teach multiple defensive concepts at the same time.

    The 1-on-0 Dig the Post Drill teaches players to closeout, pressure the passer, dig on the post, stunt at dribble penetration, and contain the dribble with defensive slides. The 3-on-3 Positioning Drill trains players to jump to the ball, stunt and recover, deny cutters, and help and recover on baseline drives.

    Two more drills challenge players to scramble through 4-on-3 disadvantage situations. Coach Prohm likes these drills because they force players to communicate and teach priorities like protecting the ball and defending the rim.

    Transition Defense Drills

    Teams simply cannot give up easy baskets if they want to be successful. You will see the Cyclones work three drills that teach multiple phases of defending in transition. The 3-on-2 to 2-on-3 Drill has players work through disadvantage situations. You will also see the 5-on-3 Get Back Drill where players must learn to establish roles in transition defense. Rent this basketball drills DVD today.

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