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  • Tom Izzo Drills for basketball coaches
  • Open Practice Man To Man Offense Practice Drills And Scouting by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Tom Izzo Drills for Basketball

    Man-to-Man Offense, Practice Drills, and Scouting

    Watch and learn how Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo builds his teams into perennial contenders for the NCAA title in this open practice video. Izzo, who has led the Spartans to eight Final Fours, grants access to a practice devoted to transition offense, man-to-man and zone offense, and installing the matchup zone defense.

    Film Session

    The begins by having you sit in on a film session where you get a glimpse at the level of detail Izzo provides to his players. With practice video from the day prior, Izzo corrects flaws in foot placement, player positioning, and situational recognition.

    Transition Offense

    Learn the Five Man Break Tom Izzo Drills and see how you can incorporate dribble handoffs, ball screens, and wide pin downs to score in transition. Izzo also runs the 3-on-2 Continuity Drills where you will learn how to take advantage of outnumbered fast break situations. These drills help your players play faster and convert in transition.

    Player Development

    Izzo works on shooting on the move with perimeter players and post players work on four scoring moves from the high and low post. The Three-Man Shooting Drill has become an Izzo favorite because it gets players shots in game-like situations through actions run in the Spartans offense. You will also see how this drill can be applied to teaching dribble hand offs and side ball screens.

    Zone Offense

    Using a 5-on-0 half-court offense, Coach Izzo shows you how to break down a zone defense with four set plays. Each target specific weaknesses in a zone defense. Arm Chop targets two zone defenders for an open 3-pointer at the top of the key. Each play is demonstrated in a full 5-on-5 half-court scrimmage setting.

    2-3 Match Up Zone Defense

    Izzo uses breakdown drills to teach the matchup zone defense. You will learn the correct rotations and how rotations can change in an overload situation. Izzo emphasizes technique and player communication on “bumping” defenders with the ball at the wing. The concepts are then expanded to a 5-on-5 scrimmage situation.

    Coach Izzo offers up a little everything in 217 minutes. You will see developmental drills, drills for transition offense and defense, and the matchup zone. The video is a great way to experience one of the greatest coaches of this generation. Rent this Tom Izzo Drills DVD today.

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