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  • Open Practice: Man To Man Defense Drills by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Man to Man Defense Drills

    Train your defense to apply pressure on the ball, stop dribble penetration, and fight through screens. National championship coach Brenda Frese opens her doors to a live practice session at the University of Maryland. The practice session is devoted entirely to the implementation of Frese’s man-to-man defensive system.

    Frese won the 2006 national title with the Terrapins and took her 2014 and ’15 teams to back-to-back Final Four appearances. Coach Frese uses breakdown drills, a live 5-on-5 shell, and defensive stations to teach her system. The first part of the video is a pre-practice developmental workout. Frese goes over each drill on a whiteboard and then follows up with live execution in practice. The rest of the man to man defense drills video contains the live viewing of the implementation of the defense.

    Pre-Practice Defensive Skill Development

    Players must master the close out technique as well as other critical defensive concepts. Coach Frese uses a series of three-person pre-practice drills to stress shading the ball toward the sideline or baseline. She also places emphasis on eliminating middle drives. Players learn proper foot placement, stance, and body positioning in relation to offensive players in these drills.

    How to Defense Screens in Basketball

    Defending the different types of screens a team will see is a must for man-to-man defenses. Coach Frese shares a number of strategies and drills for defending the most common screens used today. You will see how to defend down screens, diagonal screens, cross screens, and back screens.

    Coach Frese has her team walk through the key elements of defending each screen before breaking it down with 2-on-2 stations. Eventually, the action builds to live play in a 5-on-5 Shell Drill to end practice.

    Shell Drill for Basketball Defense

    The session ends with a live 5-on-5 Shell Drill. Players must use what they have learned throughout the practice and put their skills to the test. Coach Frese looks to ensure players’ habits, rotation, and awareness are developing.

    If you want to build consistent winners as Coach Frese has done at Maryland, it’s no secret that defense is the foundation to long term success. This 93-minute man to man defense drills video is devoted to laying that foundation and offering your program a chance to develop a winning mindset. Rent this man to man defense drills DVD today.

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