(Rental)-Open Practice: Man-to-man & Zone Offenses

  • Man to Man offense in basketball with Brenda Frese
  • Open Practice: Man-to-man & Zone Offenses by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Man to Man Offense & Zone Offenses

    Create mismatches and attack defenses with an up-tempo offense designed to score early and often. University of Maryland head women’s basketball coach Brenda Frese shows you how in this man to man offense & zone offense video, which gives you an inside look at a Maryland practice. Coach Frese won a national championship in 2006 and took her Terrapins to back-to-back Final Fours in 2014 and 2015.

    In this presentation, you will see Coach Frese diagram and demonstrate the offenses she runs against man-to-man and zone defenses. She also draws up and shows you a number of drills she uses to teach these concepts. Included in the video are:

    • “Thumbs” man-to-man offense
    • “Regular” and “Side” zone offenses
    • Set plays using ball screens
    • Post play techniques to get high-efficiency shots
    • How Maryland develops the transition offense to attack in advantage situations
    • Breakdown drills for feeding the post and shooting

    3-Out-2-In Set

    The 3-Out 2-In alignment helps isolate your center while still keeping all players an option. The set creates a lot of reversals and opens up gaps in defenses. Coach Frese will show you each of the following:

    • Power: Uses sequential screening to free up shooters or create a post advantage in the paint
    • Pass Back: A flex screen and ball reversal to help open up a post on the block
    • Side: Creates a strong side triangle to get the ball to the post or continuous ball screening action to create advantages on the side pick and roll
    • 4 Series: Two different counters to defensive pressure are shown from a 1-4 alignment

    All of these options can help defeat overly aggressive defenses using back cuts and back screens. Each option provides a number of different counters as well.

    Zone Offense for Basketball

    The Zone Offense is predicated on finding gaps in the defense. Posts flash into gaps in the high post or short corner on ball reversals. This puts constant pressure on the defense as it shifts. You will see how the “Side Set” is used to create movement and scoring opportunities essentially breaking down the zone defense.

    Transition Drills

    Coach Frese shares four different transition drills. Each drill is designed to train players how to score in different advantage situations on the fast break.

    Basketball Shooting Drills

    The Feed the Post Drill uses both 2-on-2 and 4-on-4 competition to break down the “Thumbs” offense. The drill shows players how to free up guards on the perimeter with screens and feed the post against defensive pressure. Coach Frese shares three breakdown drills designed to feed the post and work on shooting.

    This 160-minute open practice video offers coaches at all levels the opportunity to learn and apply the techniques that Coach Frese uses at Maryland to install their offensive system early in the season. Rent this man to man offense DVD today.

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