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  • Open Practice With  Ron Hunter by Ron Hunter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Practice Drills with Ron Hunter

    Tulane head basketball coach Ron Hunter is a big believer in the idea that your team will become what you emphasize in your practices. For Hunter, it’s all about zone defenses. He believes in his matchup zones and develops his players to be successful playing zone through a number of daily practice drills This coaching clinic video gives you some insight into how Hunter prepares his players to be successful defenders.

    A two-time Sun Belt regular season champion while at Georgia State, Hunter shows you drills that work on closeouts, transition, and even offensive concepts like the fast break and free throw shooting. Coach Hunter will describe his 1-1-3 and 3-2 matchup zone defenses and how players are to rotate properly.

    Matchup Zone

    Sully Sets is a daily basketball practice drills that Coach Hunter uses to review his 1-1-3 and 3-2 matchup zone defenses. The drill is used to teach players to defend an opponent’s set plays. You will learn how players are to communicate, how to defend ball screens, and how to rotate and find a new matchup.

    Defensive Drills

    Coach Hunter offers up four basketball practice drills and some variations to teach his players how to run an effective matchup zone defense. To run a great matchup zone, the ball must never get to the middle of the floor and these drills emphasize that point.

    • Sully Closeouts: help players improve closeouts and on-ball defense, learn how to handle jabs, pressure a dead ball, and change closeouts to defend a strong perimeter shooter (three variations included)
    • 4-on-4 Shell: forces players to communicate, closeout properly, and challenge every shot by putting players in game-like situations and using a point system
    • 4-on-4 Baseline Touch: players must sprint back and stop the fast break which also helps to condition players
    • 5-on-5 Rush: full-court, live matchup zone drill where players must implement the principles that have been reinforced in the breakdown drills

    Offensive Drills

    Coach Hunter also shares a few offensive drills including the Fast Break Buildup Drill. Players learn how to play fast without turning the ball over. Hunter keeps the drill competitive using a point system that rewards good habits throughout each phase of transition. The drill builds from 2-on-1 to full 5-on-5 situations.

    You will also see how Coach Hunter gets his players to focus on their free throw shooting. Players work against each other and the clock to hit their shooting goals. The environment becomes more competitive and intense as players improve their free throw shooting ability.

    This is a complete video for those looking to learn and install the matchup zone defense. Coach Hunter gives you 57 minutes of valuable drills and more to help you build defense that confuses opponents and frustrates their scoring. Rent this basketball practice drills DVD today.

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