(Rental)-On The Line Half Court Defense & Full Court Presses

  • (Rental)-On The Line Half Court Defense & Full Court Presses
  • On The Line Half Court Defense & Full Court Presses by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: On the Line Half-Court Defense & Full Court Presses

    Learn to build a powerful, smothering man-to-man defense from one of the best defensive minds in college basketball, TCU head coach Jamie Dixon. The former Pitt head coach, Dixon took the Panthers to 11 NCAA tournaments in 13 seasons before moving on to his alma mater. In three seasons with the Horned Frogs, Dixon has two NIT Final Fours, one NIT championship, and one trip to the NCAA tourney.

    One of the big reasons for Dixon’s success is a defense that is tough to crack. In this open practice style video, you will watch as Dixon teaches in practice in whiteboard sessions and on the court. He provides a number of drills and concepts that you can use to install a successful man-to-man defense.

    Individual Defensive Fundamentals

    No matter what style of defense you play, great defenses are made up of strong individual defenders. Dixon builds these defenders using a series of four fundamental drills. These drills develop the closeout technique, improve instincts to jump toward the ball, challenge shots, help of dribble penetration, and play great denial defense in the post.

    Disadvantage Drills

    Placing defenders in disadvantaged situations forces players to unite. Dixon uses the George Karl drill to create confusion for players by forcing them to recognize the biggest offensive threats and communicate every possession. The 3-Out 1-In alignment in the Shell Drill helps players understand angles on the floor and how to defend in the post.

    Two other team drills put defenders at a disadvantage and teach players to scramble and provide constant help on defense. Players have to use great positioning, communication, and technique to succeed.

    Shell Drill

    Dixon uses the Shell Drill to teach players how to fight through down screens and flare screens. Players get plenty of reps and Dixon provides numerous teaching points on technique. He also adds in post defense making his Shell Drill one of the most comprehensive you will find.

    Help rotations are also important as they prevent easy baskets when defenders get beat by dribble penetration. Watch as Dixon breaks down the responsibility of each player in a help position and see how those players can provide support and then recover.

    Transition/Press Defense

    The final element of Dixon’s defensive playbook is transition defense and press defense. Dixon will show you how to protect the rim in transition and trap ball screens in man-to-man. Learn how to apply a 1-3-1 press after a free throw and create traps to force turnovers. You will also see the Diamond Press, which extends pressure to the full court.

    Coach Dixon’s teams have been known for their defense throughout his career. He consistently produces lock-down defenses year-in and year-out. Learn how he does it in this excellent open practice video.

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