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  • Offensive Skill Development And Attacking Man And Zone Defenses by Steve Prohm Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Offensive Skill Development and Attacking Man & Zone Defenses

    In his first year as the head coach at Iowa State, Steve Prohm took the Cyclones to the Sweet Sixteen. One of the big reasons with an offensive system that was a national leader in points per game (15th), offensive efficiency (3rd), field goal percentage (2nd), and assists (7th). In this offensive skill development video, Coach Prohm shares with you a number of concepts related to his offensive system as well as 11 skill development drills that are the core of his program. You will also see nine plays that you can run against half-court man-to-man defenses, and learn five ways that Prohm likes to attack zone defenses.

    Individual Skill Drills

    Like any successful offensive system, you have to develop players into offensive weapons. They must have the ability to shoot, dribble, and pass. Coach Prohm works on all these individual skills using 11 different drills. The drills focus on shooting ability and ball handling and you can pick and choose from the drills the ones to use on a daily basis. This way, your players don’t get bored doing the same drills every day. The drills are great for warmup during the season or for player development in the offseason.

    • Four-Man Extra Pass: Players work on finding open shooters off quick ball reversals, baseline drift passes, or extra passes.
    • Kentucky Ball Handling: Practice attacking the basket using dribble moves to get by defenders and then use four different finishes at the rim.
    • Starts, Stops, and Turns: Improves pivoting and passing and helps players learn to create space when under pressure.

    Man-to-Man Offense

    Coach Prohm’s offense is one that excels at playing with space. It is perfect for teams with talented point guards. Using “Mason” action, Prohm shows you how to create isolations with your point guard. The isolations can also be for a talented post player. Prohm demonstrates plays designed to isolate post players too. Mason Rip is a play that can get your best shooter in position for an open 3-pointer when you absolutely have to have one.

    Iowa State uses 32 Action to space the floor and optimize dribble penetration and post feeds. Prohm shows you two plays from 32 Action and then shows you more from Hook Action. Players flatten along the baseline to create space for step-up ball screens. You also get a baseline inbound play that Coach Prohm likes to use in freeing up his best shooter.

    Zone Offense

    Coach Prohm shows you five plays to use in your zone offense. The five plays utilize misdirection, screens, and spacing to distort the zone and create gaps to attack the paint. Two plays help you attack a zone with your secondary break and get the ball inside to the high post.

    If you are looking to step up your man and zone offenses, Coach Prohm’s system has had much success in the Big 12. He also provides you with the drills to develop your players’ skills. Rent this offensive skill development DVD today.

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