(Rental)-Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure

  • (Rental)-Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure
  • Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure

    Players must be able to handle pressure in order for teams to have success. Kermit Davis, head coach at Ole Miss, understands this and demonstrates what it takes to develop highly skilled perimeter and post players in this video.

    Davis, the 2019 SEC Coach of the Year, teaches players how to handle pressure, read defenders, and utilize screening actions using both hands. You will also see how to give your players more reps at practice using more than one ball in your drills. Coach Davis shares a number of drills designed to improve fundamentals, dribble penetration, ball screens, and concepts related to the motion offense.

    Individual Skills

    Coach Davis illustrates on a whiteboard, uses on-court demonstration, and practice footage to share with you drills that will develop basic fundamentals. Davis shows you the emphasis in each drill. For example, the Full-Court Pullback Dribble drill teaches a valuable move to help players create space against a pressure defense. The Post Work drill teaches multiple moves in the paint to help big guys score.

    Penetration & Kick

    Coach Davis shows you three drills to teach how to improve dribble penetration. Shot Fake is a drill to teach players to set up defenders for the drive and then either score or pass to an open teammate. Perimeter Dribble Moves helps players work on their lob passes. Swing Shooting emphasizes making the next pass to an open teammate on the perimeter.

    Ball Screens

    Dealing with screens can be a chore for some players. Coach Davis trains players on using ball screens based on the look of the defense. The 2-on-0 Ball Screening drill improves players’ abilities to refuse screens, hit the pocket pass, slip against overplays, and use the pick and pop.

    Motion Offense

    Coach Davis shares four drills to improve your team’s skills at using off-ball screens in the motion offense. Dribble Follows is his favorite motion breakdown drill and works on a multitude of skills. Dribbling, footwork, passing, and more as well as playing off different screens is part of this multipurpose drill.

    Everything you need to develop your players’ offensive skills against pressure is presented to you here by one of the top college coaches in the nation. Let Coach Davis help your program today!

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