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  • (Rental)-Offense Drills
  • Offense Drills by Greg Lansing Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: Offense Drills

    Develop your program’s offensive skills with the help of Indiana State head coach Greg Lansing. In this open practice style video, Coach Lansing puts his team through 13 individual and team drills designed to promote offensive success. With an intensity and attention to detail rivaled by few, Coach Lansing builds the foundation for offensive success with drills that cover ball handling, footwork, team drills that teach the motion offense.

    Skill Development Drills

    Coach Lansing shows you six drills you can use as a warm up to get players moving at the start of practice. These drills help improve passing, ball handling, and shooting. The passing drills, like 4 Corners, emphasize improving skills such as the jump stop, pivoting, catching, and communication.

    Moving without the ball is a skill all players must have. Coach Lansing uses the Make 15 drill to teach players to get open against defensive pressure. Players use a bounce pass to score off of a backdoor cut. Players then work through a series of cuts while trying to make 15 consecutive layups. The actions taught in the drill are adaptable to any offense and include the following:

    • V-Cuts
    • Passing and Receiving
    • Pivoting
    • Making and Passing to the backdoor cut
    • Finishing in the half-court

    Offensive Breakdown Drills

    Lansing then gets into Indiana State’s offensive system and shows you five breakdown drills that teach it. You will watch as Coach Lansing emphasizes precision passing, cutting, feeding the post, player movement, and pushing the ball in transition. All of the drills are done at game speed and force players to compete and be precise.

    Multiple drills work on feeding the post versus defensive pressure as well as spacing the floor to work on perimeter movement. The Quick Swing Drill works on using fast reversals to find an open shooter when the defense collapses into the paint.

    One of Lansing’s favorite drills is Space Up Shooting. The drill breaks down how to space off of drive and kick movements. Players also use ball screens, quick swings, and post feeds as part of the drill. It is one of the many Lansing uses to teach offense. His full speed approach to practice can surely benefit your program with an amazing intensity and attention to detail.

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