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    Multiple Strategies for Defending Ball Screens

    The ball screen has become synonymous with basketball offenses at every level of play. Stopping the pick and roll is now an essential part of any successful defensive package. Five-time Canadian national championship coach Chantal Vallee shares her thoughts on defending ball screens in this video. Vallee is the head coach and general manager of the Hamilton Honey Badgers of the Canadian Elite Basketball League. She has developed her defensive strategies through years of researching the best defenses from around the world.


    In defending ball screens, effective communication is paramount. Coach Vallee uses a two-player demonstration to explain a clear system of communication so players can be on the same page when defending ball screens. Her various strategies include:

    • Switch: Can shut down the ball screen offense down completely. Switching can create mismatches though. Coach Vallee shows you four methods of eliminating vulnerabilities of the switch, including 3- and 5-man rotations.
    • Hedge: Coach Vallee has players demonstrate three types of hedge to stop ball screens. In addition to the basics of two-step hedges, you will see how to stop dribblers from splitting defenders and options for players recovering from help support.
    • Jam: This is used to stop a great pick and pop shooter. You will learn proper rotation when help support is needed to take away drives in the paint.
    • Down: This has become more common in the NBA because it shrinks the floor for the user of the ball screen. Coach Vallee shows you how to rotate weak side defenders when teams send a great shooter to set a ball screen.
    • Sag: Teams that have slower defenders can drop them back and load the paint. You will see how to use this against the high pick and roll.

    5-on-5 Rotations

    This drill teaches players the rotations off the ball and in help situations when screens are being set. Coach Vallee has players demonstrate these rotations at walk-through speed before taking the drill live. The responsibilities of each player are discussed.

    You will find strategies for defending ball screens in this video that you will not find anywhere else. Coach Vallee’s tactics will help you defend ball screens with a method that best fits your personnel. Rent this defending ball screens DVD today.

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